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210 Freeway Truck Accident Causes One Death and 2 Injuries

Earlier today a truck accident on the 210 Freeway in Pasadena caused one wrongful death and at least two other injuries. According to the Los Angeles Times, the fatal accident involved five vehicles and a truck that was significantly damaged.

The Pasadena truck accident occurred near Madre Street and caused a significant traffic blockage as vehicles were damaged throughout the freeway and California Highway Patrol investigates the scene to determine the cause of the accident.

This multi vehicle wrongful death truck accident will require much investigation on the part of the CHP, any other investigating agencies and eventually by lawyers hired by any of the injured parties or the family of the potential wrongful death victim. Sometimes more than one of the vehicles contributed to causing the injuries or death, in which case any responsible parties and/or their insurance companies will have to pay for the wrongful death damages.

If the person who died in this accident was not at fault for the Pasadena accident, his or her heirs will be able to make a wrongful death claim or lawsuit against any party or parties that were responsible for causing the accident. The victim’s family should hire a wrongful death lawyer right away to look into all possible avenues for a monetary recovery for the wrongful death damages, which may be very significant.

Our California wrongful death lawyers have extensive experience in handling all aspects of wrongful death cases and offer a free consultation to the friends or families of any wrongful death victim. We understand what it is like to be put into this terrible situation and we do everything as possible to make things as easy as possible for our clients while striving to obtain the highest wrongful death damages recovery as possible, whether that be through negotiation and settlement or by way of a trial against the responsible party or parties.

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