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Hollywood (101) Freeway Worst Commute In USA

The 101 Freeway, also known as the Hollywood Freeway, has the worst freeway commute time not just in Los Angeles or all of California, but in the entire United States.  The Los Angeles Daily News,  which should know as it covers the area in which the 101 Freeway runs, reported on July 27, 2016, that the stretch of the 101 Freeway from Woodland Hills to Downtown Los Angeles is the most packed highway in the USA.  That means it is the highway with the worst commute time.

It will not get any argument from our law offices as this just happens to be the same route the lawyers in our law offices have used for many years when driving to the main Los Angeles courthouse (central district) located in downtown Los Angeles and also to many depositions and mediations often held in downtown Los Angeles where many attorneys working for large insurance companies have their offices.

The Auto Insurance Center compiled data from the United States Census and came up with the following:

  • The 101 Freeway between Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Woodland Hills (near our personal injury law offices) and Vignes Street downtown Los Angeles was the nation’s most packed highway. On this congested highway, drivers crawl at an average speed of just 17 mph, far below the 65 mph posted speed limit. During peak rush hours, the 26-mile drive takes 91 minutes instead of one-third the time. Worst reported time: 8 m. Wednesdays.
  • The 101 Freeway (aka as the Ventura Freeway or Hollywood Freeway) between Haskell Avenue in Encino in the San Fernando Valley and Soto Street downtown Los Angeles was the second most packed highway in the USA. Drivers crawl at an average speed of just 19  A 21.8-mile rush-hour commute takes 70 minutes, when it should take less than thirty (30) minutes. Worst reported time: 6 p.m. Wednesdays. What is it with Wednesdays?
  • The nation’s third worst commute was on Interstate 10 (I-10) between 20th Street and Alameda Street, where motorists inched drove 15 miles at an average speed of just 12 mph for a time of 73  Worst reported time: 5 p.m. Wednesdays. Again, Wednesdays!
  • Other packed stretches included Interstate 5 (I-5) from Cesar  Chavez Avenue and Interstate 10 near the I-5/101 interchange.
  • Motorists in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Anaheim waste 80 hours per year stuck in traffic, nearly twice the national average. These local motorists also spend $1,711 a year on wasted gas and time, compared with just $960 spent by the average American. The difference is almost twice as much!
  • Over a 40 year career, the average Southland driver would waste 6.7 months in commute time, costing each motorist $68,440, according to this analysis.

Obviously, the more time one spends in traffic, especially on the highway with high speeds, sudden stops, stop and go traffic, lane changes, vehicles entering and exiting the freeway, and motorcycle lane sharing or lane splitting, increases one’s chances of being involved in a car or truck accident.  Everyone should try to limit commuting time, including by driving at less peak hours and seeking employment closer to one’s residence.

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