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UCLA football player, Nick Pasquale, was killed Sunday, September 8, 2013, when, while he was walking, he apparently was struck by a car in San Clemente, California. The car reportedly stopped and the driver was not cited. The specific causes of this fatal pedestrian accident are reportedly still under investigation.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Nick was a highly regarded high school athlete at San Clemente High School. At UCLA he was an undersized receiver at 5’7″ and 172 pounds, but was quick, a vocal leader and played in UCLA’s first game this season, a 58-20 victory over Nevada on Saturday, August 31, 2013. That was Nick’s first game ever for UCLA, and so sadly his only game for his university.

Nick was a red shirt freshman, also contributing to UCLA’s success by playing on UCLA’s scout team against its starting defense.

A downtown Los Angeles truck accident has resulted in the death of a 52 year old lady. Four other pedestrians were injured in the truck accident in Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles Times, a Chevrolet Avalanche pickup truck apparently collided with five pedestrians while they were standing on the sidewalk. After striking the pedestrians, the truck crashed into Casa India Restaurant, on Broadway.

It is not clear what exactly caused the downtown Los Angeles pedestrian accident. It is possible the driver of the pickup truck lost control of the vehicle, causing the crash. In other similar circumstances, we have seen drivers suffer heart attacks or strokes before striking pedestrians or other vehicles. Here, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, the restaurant’s structural integrity was not compromised by the impact.

Injury victims of this Los Angeles accident should contact a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer to investigate the cause of the crash and to seek personal injury damages from the insurance company of the truck driver. The family of the woman who was killed should contact a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer to seek wrongful death damages for the victim’s heirs.

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A student at Cal Poly was killed after being hit by a car in Pomona, California. The Pomona accident occurred earlier today and the victim’s identity has not yet been released. According to the Los Angeles Times, investigators were still trying to find out the cause of the Pomona pedestrian accident.

It is not yet clear what caused the pedestrian accident in Pomona. The 21 year old student was hit by a car on campus. From early reports, it is not clear if the driver fled the scene or was identified. If the driver was at fault, a Pomona wrongful death claim may be brought against the driver. If the driver had auto insurance, his or her insurance would be responsible for paying the wrongful death damages, up to the amount of the liability coverage on the policy.

There are many potential causes to California pedestrian accidents. Many people are hit by cars when they are jaywalking, meaning crossing a street illegally. However, if a person is jaywalking, drivers still have a duty to act to avoid hitting the person. Unfortunately, many drivers do not anticipate the jaywalker and do not have enough time to react to avoid the accident.

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A pedestrian accident in Malibu has resulted in the death of Luis Olmedo, who was hit by an SUV when crossing Pacific Coast Highway. The Malibu pedestrian accident occurred at about 6:45pm yesterday, near Decker Canyon. According to the Ventura County Star, the investigators say that alcohol and speed did not play a part in the Malibu accident. Investigators did apparently say that they believe Olmedo was at fault.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the case and said the man was fishing at El Pescador Beach before he tried to run across PCH. After the man was hit by the car, the driver called 911. Emergency responders were unable to save him and Mr. Olmedo was pronounced dead.

In over 35 years of handling California personal injury accident cases, we have seen many Pacific Coast Highway car accidents. Unfortunately, despite the sometimes heavy police presence, many drivers tend to drive too fast on PCH, leading to many Malibu car accidents. Also, as the main access road for many residents of Malibu, we see a lot of drunk driving arrests and crashes on PCH. So far, however, there is no evidence that speed or alcohol caused this PCH accident.

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New information has emerged in the Hemet High School accident that occurred yesterday. According to The Press-Enterprise, there are claims that a mechanical problem in the 1994 Ford Ranger pick-up truck may have contributed to or caused this Hemet pedestrian accident.

The California Highway Patrol’s Major Accident Investigation unit will be thoroughly examining the vehicle to determine if in fact there was a mechanical defect that caused this horrific accident. The driver of the vehicle involved, Daniel Carrillo, who is 18 years old, reportedly claimed that his breaks failed, causing him to run the red light and strike and run over students in the crosswalk.

According to investigators, about 30 students were crossing in the crosswalk when the vehicle ran the red light, at a speed higher than the 25 mile per hour speed limit. Thankfully, the three students who were first reported to be in critical condition now have a good prognosis. Two students however remain in critical condition after suffering serious or catastrophic injuries.

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We are receiving early reports of a serious pedestrian accident in Hemet, California, earlier today. The car versus pedestrian accident apparently occurred outside Hemet High School, and ten students of the high school were injured when they were hit by a car. The Hemet car accident resulted in three of the students suffering critical injuries. All ten injured students were taken to local hospitals. Two other students reported minor injuries in the Hemet accident but did not require emergency transportation.

The Riverside County Fire Department and California Highway Patrol apparently responded to the Hemet High School accident, which occurred at approximately three o’clock this afternoon. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Hemet students were hit by the car near the front of the school, on Stetson Ave.

UPDATE: The Press-Enterprise is reporting that witnesses said that a Ford Ranger pick-up truck, driven by a student of the school, allegedly ran a red light and hit the students who were crossing the street in a crosswalk. Apparently the truck versus pedestrian accident was recorded on school cameras and the student was detained by the California Highway Patrol.

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Police have not yet apprehended the motorist who struck a pedestrian in a Los Angeles wrongful death pedestrian accident on Sunday. According to the Los Angeles Times, a man was crossing the street, in a crosswalk, at the intersection of Normandie Ave. and W. 5th Street, in Koreatown, when he was hit by a car making a right turn. The driver of the vehicle involved in the Los Angeles pedestrian accident was going east on W. 5th Street, turning onto Normandie, when he struck the man crossing the street.

The suspect in the Los Angeles hit and run accident then left the scene without providing aid and without identifying him or herself. Police said the pedestrian was deceased at the time first responders arrived at the scene of the Koreatown accident.

Anyone with information as to the car or driver of the vehicle, no matter how insignificant the information may seem, should call the Los Angeles Police Department and give the information to investigators. Oftentimes small tips add up to enough information to locate the suspect.

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According to the Ventura County Star, volunteers are searching for the driver of a hit and run vehicle that collided with three young girls in a tragic Oxnard pedestrian accident. Apparently, on February 4th, three young girls were walking on a bicycle path when a vehicle, which is believed to be a silver Toyota Camry, traveling on Victoria Avenue, near the intersection with Santa Monica Drive, struck all three girls.

One of the girls, only six years old, suffered serious injuries in the Oxnard accident and was taken to Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. The girl’s mother, Joel Aronson, said that her daughter suffered a serious head injury, as well as injuries to her femur, spine, neck and chest.

Volunteers have been distributing fliers around the neighborhood, including at car repair shops, to see if anyone has any information that could lead to locating the driver of the hit and run car that injured the three girls. The California Highway Patrol has also requested that anyone with information on the driver or owner of the vehicle contact the Ventura office at 805-477-4100.

The two other girls who were hit by the car in Oxnard, also suffered injuries, but they are not believed to be as serious. Head and brain injury accidents are very serious and much medical care will be needed for this severely injured girl. Sometimes a brain injury can have lasting effects that can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

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An unidentified pedestrian was killed on Saturday in a Burbank pedestrian accident near the entrance to the Bob Hope Airport. According to the Los Angeles Times the victim of the Burbank accident died at the scene. The pedestrian accident wrongful death occurred at around four o’clock in the afternoon on Empire Avenue in Burbank, California.

Investigators with the Burbank Police Department will have to determine how this pedestrian accident happened and who was at fault. Many pedestrians are hit by cars when the car runs a red light, does not stop at a stop sign or makes a right turn while only looking to the left for oncoming traffic, not thinking about the possibility of pedestrians or cyclists coming from the right. Other types of pedestrian accidents happen when the pedestrian thinks it is safe to cross a street, sometimes miscalculating the speed of an approaching car.

In this Burbank accident, the driver of the car was apparently tested and not found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Many times, when a pedestrian is hit by a car, the driver of the car will leave the scene without stopping. In these instances, police are often unable to determine if the driver was under the influence of any substances. However, if the driver is located, he or she will face felony hit and run charges as well as civil liability for the injuries or death to the pedestrian.

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A pedestrian accident in Fontana, involving a hit and run driver striking a pedestrian, has resulted in the wrongful death of a Fontana man. According to the Los Angeles Times, a sixty-one year old man was crossing the street near the Fontana Gardens apartment complex when he was hit by a car. The driver of the car did not stop and dragged the man one hundred and fifty feet before stopping, which released the man from the car. The driver then left the scene of the collision.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the car involved in the hit and run pedestrian collision was a Lincoln Navigator, which was champagne colored. The victim passed away due to his injuries from the Fontana pedestrian accident. Anyone who has any information about the driver or owner of the vehicle involved should immediately contact the CHP.

Unfortunately, we see many serious hit and run accidents throughout California, many involving pedestrians who suffer serious injuries. Many drivers think that they will not get caught after causing such accidents. It is important to remember that it is illegal to leave the scene of a car accident without exchanging information with the other people involved.

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