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A woman visiting the beach in Newport Beach, California, was hit by a city vehicle while lying on the beach.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the woman, who has not yet been identified, was resting on a spot in the sand by the lifeguard headquarters. Around 1 p.m., a male driver drove a Newport Beach City truck, rolling over the woman in the process.

The woman was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. It has been confirmed the truck’s tires rolled over her and she suffered injuries to her chest and her pelvis.  Continue Reading

According to the Orange County Register, a male pedestrian was killed while walking on the sidewalk in Tustin, California when a BMW jumped the curb and hit him. The Tustin pedestrian accident occurred around 7:00 am near Newport Avenue and the I-5 freeway.

Police are still investigating to determine exactly what caused the driver of the BMW to leave the road and cause the wrongful death of the pedestrian. The Tustin police reported that the driver lost control of the vehicle, jumping the curb and striking a retaining wall, then hitting the pedestrian. At this time, police do not believe that drugs or alcohol were involved in this Tustin wrongful death accident.

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Uber has made what some may consider to be a very smart business decision, by settling the wrongful death claim for the family of the pedestrian who was struck by the Uber autonomous vehicle on March 18, 2018. According to CNN, the family hired an attorney and made a settlement with Uber, so that parties could avoid a possible wrongful death lawsuit.

Uber has not commented on the wrongful death claim against them and the family’s attorney basically only said that the matter has been resolved. Understandably, the family of the wrongful death victim deserves to have its privacy. Terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, but we can assume that the family agreed to keep everything confidential, so as not to set a precedent against Uber.  Continue Reading

An Uber self-driving autonomous vehicle tragically caused the wrongful death of a pedestrian on Sunday. According to CNN, the Uber wrongful death accident happened in Tempe, Arizona, where Uber has been testing its autonomous vehicle technology. This particular accident involved a Volvo XC90 SUV, which struck a pedestrian.

The Uber pedestrian accident occurred when Elaine Herzberg, a pedestrian who was walking her bike across the street, was struck and killed by the Uber SUV. Ms. Herzberg was 49 years old and passed away due to the impact with the SUV. Preliminary reports indicate that the SUV appeared to be going about 40 miles per hour in an area where the speed limit was 35 miles per hour.  Continue Reading

A Lake Elsinore man, David Loperena, turned himself in to Riverside County Police in connection with a hit and run collision that killed a 10-year-old boy. NBC News reported that 10-year-old Antonio Ochoa was crossing the street in a crosswalk near his home in Lake Elsinore with his mother and sister. The driver of a red truck ran a stop sign and hit Antonio, carrying his body 25 yards down the road. Officers attempted to search for surveillance video of the red truck in the area following the accident, but were unsuccessful.

Investigators arrested Loperena, the alleged driver, after he turned himself in for fleeing from the scene of the wrongful death pedestrian accident.  Tragically, there are many serious hit and run accidents throughout California that involve the wrongful death of pedestrians. A moment of negligence or recklessness can lead to the premature death of an unsuspecting pedestrian. Continue Reading

George Johnson, a 91 year old man, who was evacuated from his retirement community due to the Montecito mudslides, tragically died when he was hit by a car being driven by a drunk driver. According to the Independent, the driver of the vehicle, Nicholas Hart, who had two prior DUIs in the last three years, was driving on a suspended license and his blood alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit of .08.

Mr. Johnson was crossing the street in a crosswalk, at the intersection of State Street and Micheltorena Street, when he was struck by Mr. Hart, a 26 year old man from Goleta. The Santa Barbara wrongful death accident occurred on January 23, 2018 and Mr. Hart is being held on one million dollars bail, for the second degree murder charge. Continue Reading

Justin Lavelle, a 23 year old man from West Hollywood, was killed on the 110 Freeway in Long Beach, California, when he was struck by a hit and run driver. Details of the Long Beach wrongful death incident are not exactly clear at the moment, but Amy Lavelle, Justin’s mother, said Justin called her and told her he was taking a Lyft to Long Beach.

According to ABC 7 News, Justin then called his mom from the freeway and said that he had been pepper sprayed. Justin was screaming and the call eventually became disconnected. Some time thereafter, Justin was struck by another vehicle on the freeway and he passed away as a result of the impact.  Continue Reading

A man was hit by a car in Van Nuys on Sunday and unfortunately he passed away as a result of the impact. The Van Nuys pedestrian accident occurred at about two o-clock in the morning on Sunday, when a man, Obdulio Castaneda, was crossing the street and was hit by a car.

According to the Daily News, the Van Nuys car accident happened on Vanowen Street, near Kester Avenue. It has been reported that the man was crossing outside of the crosswalk when he was struck by the car.  Continue Reading

In a matter of seconds, Luis Hernandez lost both his young sons in a Los Angeles wrongful death accident. An SUV driven by a rookie Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy crashed into two vehicles while responding to a call. The crash caused the SUV to veer on to the sidewalk where the Hernandez family was walking. According to The Los Angeles Patch, “Jose Luis Hernandez, 7, and his 9-year-old brother, Marco Antonio Hernandez, were killed and their mother was critically hurt.”

Mr. Hernandez has now filed a civil lawsuit against Los Angeles County alleging negligence and wrongful death. The suit argues that the deputy was driving at high speeds but “was not in the process of responding to an emergency call, was not in the immediate pursuit of an actual or suspected violator of the law and did not have (her) sirens and/or lights activated.” Additionally, Mr. Hernandez argues the deputy should not have been allowed to drive before completing her training.

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Jason Gonzales was hit by a car in Oxnard on Saturday and suffered very serious injuries in the Oxnard accident. According to the Ventura County Star, Mr. Gonzales was listed in critical condition from his Oxnard pedestrian accident injuries. The driver of the car that hit Gonzales has not yet been located and the City of Oxnard is offering a $10,000 reward if information is provided that leads to the driver being arrested and convicted of the crime.

The Oxnard car accident occurred on Ventura Road, North of Devonshire Drive. The driver who hit Gonzales then fled southbound on Ventura Road. The car was described as a black vehicle, similar to a Chevrolet Camaro. The car is expected to have damage to its front quarter panel from striking Mr. Gonzales. We hope that the information provided, along with the reward being offered, leads to a witness or someone knowing the driver and seeing the damage, coming forward to police with the information.

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