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David Arquette, an actor, perhaps best known for his rolls in Never Been Kissed and Scream, allegedly was injured in a head on collision car accident in Beverly Hills on Friday. The accident apparently happened when the car in front of Arquette stopped and Arquette, who allegedly did not have enough time to stop as well, swerved into a car that was going in the opposite direction.

Both Arquette and the driver of the other car were taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and their injuries were described as minor or moderate. The Beverly Hills car accident occurred at Elevado Avenue and Doheny Drive, according to the Beverly Hills Police Department, who responded to the scene.

It is unknown at this time why the driver in front of Arquette stopped or if that driver has been identified. It is possible that the driver of the car hit by Arquette will make a personal injury claim for his injuries and damages against Arquette’s insurance company. The insurance company may claim that some of the liability for this Los Angeles car accident rests with the driver who allegedly stopped in front of Arquette, but this may depend on the reason for the stop discovered through investigation.

Drivers have a duty to maintain sufficient distance between them and vehicles in front of them, often referred to as a space cushion, so that if a car in front of them stops, they have enough time to react and stop without rear ending the car or taking drastic measure such as swerving into another lane or head on traffic. Because Arquette allegedly may not have allowed sufficient distance between his car and the vehicle in front of him, he may be held responsible for causing this car accident and then could be found responsible for causing the personal injuries and property damage to the driver of the other car.

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On Sunday morning, a car accident in Woodland Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles, resulted in injuries to five people, including one serious injury. The crash occurred on De Soto Avenue, north of the 101 freeway.

The seriously injured occupant to one of the vehicles involved in this collision had to be extricated from the vehicle, most likely by the Los Angeles Fire Department and paramedics. The other four injured in this two car Woodland Hills car collision were taken to local hospitals. Although it is not mentioned in the article, it can be assumed they were taken to the Kaiser Permanente Emergency Room, as it is just down the street from the accident location, on De Soto Avenue.

At time of writing, facts of the Woodland Hills vehicle collision are unknown. Once it is determined who is at fault, which will likely be aided by the Traffic Collision Report, the injured parties may have a personal injury claim against the at fault driver and/or owner(s) of the at fault vehicle. Passengers in the at fault vehicle may be able to make a claim against the driver, depending on certain issues, including familiar relationships, which affect insurance coverage.

On Thursday afternoon, a California truck collision on Interstate 5, near the Grapevine, seriously injured at least one person and caused a traffic backlog.

The person who suffered major injuries in this big rig truck crash in California was transported by air to a Bakersfield hospital. Investigators with the California Highway Patrol said the truck accident occurred when two big rig trucks collided with each other. It is unclear if any other vehicles were involved.

The investigators added that they suspect the California truck accident may have been caused by a mechanical problem with one of the trucks.

If a mechanical problem caused this California truck collision injury, the victim may be able to make a products liability claim against the makers of the big rig truck that had the problem. Additionally, if the driver of one of the trucks acted negligently, there would potentially be a more standard personal injury claim against that driver and the company he/she works for. Because of the reports of a possible serious or catastrophic injury involved, the fact that the big rig truck company should carry a larger commercial insurance policy should aid in recovering damages to any injured parties.

In addition, because the big rig truck drivers are likely working while they are driving, they may have a California workers compensation claim against their employers.

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After a California car accident, new laws put in place by many California cities allow the cities to bill the insurance company, or at fault driver, for the police and firefighting services that their car accident in California has necessitated.

These laws, which are designed to increase revenue for cities that are struggling financially, face a challenge from insurance companies who say that it will cause insurance premiums to go up. The other argument is that tax dollars already pay for California firefighters and police officers. However, Costa Mesa Fire Battalion Chief Bill Kershaw says that the local taxpayers should not have to pay for emergency responses to accidents that they did not cause, so it would be more appropriate to bill ther responsible parties.

Some cities, countering the taxation argument, only apply these California car crash taxes to nonresidents. This, critics argue, could hurt tourism in California.

Tony Strickland, a California State Senator from Moorpark, is trying to outlaw the California auto crash taxes, by proposing measure SB 49, which will be heard by the legislature in February. His argument is that Californians are hurting enough from the economy, and simply cannot afford this extra charge when they are in a car accident.

Strickland is backed by the insurance lobby, which has given him over $200,000 in political contributions over the last four years.

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