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Actor Injured in Beverly Hills Car Accident

David Arquette, an actor, perhaps best known for his rolls in Never Been Kissed and Scream, allegedly was injured in a head on collision car accident in Beverly Hills on Friday. The accident apparently happened when the car in front of Arquette stopped and Arquette, who allegedly did not have enough time to stop as well, swerved into a car that was going in the opposite direction.

Both Arquette and the driver of the other car were taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and their injuries were described as minor or moderate. The Beverly Hills car accident occurred at Elevado Avenue and Doheny Drive, according to the Beverly Hills Police Department, who responded to the scene.

It is unknown at this time why the driver in front of Arquette stopped or if that driver has been identified. It is possible that the driver of the car hit by Arquette will make a personal injury claim for his injuries and damages against Arquette’s insurance company. The insurance company may claim that some of the liability for this Los Angeles car accident rests with the driver who allegedly stopped in front of Arquette, but this may depend on the reason for the stop discovered through investigation.

Drivers have a duty to maintain sufficient distance between them and vehicles in front of them, often referred to as a space cushion, so that if a car in front of them stops, they have enough time to react and stop without rear ending the car or taking drastic measure such as swerving into another lane or head on traffic. Because Arquette allegedly may not have allowed sufficient distance between his car and the vehicle in front of him, he may be held responsible for causing this car accident and then could be found responsible for causing the personal injuries and property damage to the driver of the other car.

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