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California Truck Crash Causes Serious Injury on Interstate 5

On Thursday afternoon, a California truck collision on Interstate 5, near the Grapevine, seriously injured at least one person and caused a traffic backlog.

The person who suffered major injuries in this big rig truck crash in California was transported by air to a Bakersfield hospital. Investigators with the California Highway Patrol said the truck accident occurred when two big rig trucks collided with each other. It is unclear if any other vehicles were involved.

The investigators added that they suspect the California truck accident may have been caused by a mechanical problem with one of the trucks.

If a mechanical problem caused this California truck collision injury, the victim may be able to make a products liability claim against the makers of the big rig truck that had the problem. Additionally, if the driver of one of the trucks acted negligently, there would potentially be a more standard personal injury claim against that driver and the company he/she works for. Because of the reports of a possible serious or catastrophic injury involved, the fact that the big rig truck company should carry a larger commercial insurance policy should aid in recovering damages to any injured parties.

In addition, because the big rig truck drivers are likely working while they are driving, they may have a California workers compensation claim against their employers.

All of these issues will have to be explored by the injured parties’ California personal injury attorney and/or workers compensation attorneys.

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