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Wrong-Way Driver Causes Santa Ana Motorcycle Wrongful Death

According to ABC 7 News, just before 4 a.m. on June 28, 2018, on the 5 Freeway in Santa Ana, a driver of a Jaguar sedan crashed head-on into a motorcyclist. The Santa Ana motorcycle accident killed both the Jaguar driver and the motorcyclist on impact.

The Jaguar driver, who caused the collision, was driving in the wrong direction on the freeway—travelling southbound while in the northbound carpool lane. Officers reported that the vehicles immediately burst into flames. The accident mangled the motorcyclist’s body, making it “one of the worst [accidents] in a while.” The northbound freeway was closed for hours.

It is not presently known why the Jaguar driver was traveling the wrong way on the freeway or how the driver got on the wrong side of the freeway, causing this tragic wrongful death accident. Officials are not sure if it was confusion, intoxication, or an intentional act meant to cause harm to others.

The family members of the motorcyclist will have a wrongful death claim against the driver and owner of the Jaguar. A Southern California personal injury lawyer can help assist them with the investigation of the case to determine what led to this incident and the amount of wrongful death damages suffered. Even though the Jaguar driver died in this case, the family can still bring a claim against the driver’s estate and insurance.

Losing a loved one in such a horrific and sudden way is devastating and certainly no amount of money can replace this loss. At Walch Law, our goal is to help you receive the financial compensation you deserve to help ease the financial burden caused by such a loss. Our wrongful death attorneys have years of experience handling wrongful death claims in Santa Ana and throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Our hearts go out to the family members of the victim of this tragic motorcycle accident.

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