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Woman Killed By Her Daughter’s Car in Strange Los Angeles Car Accident

In a tragic set of circumstances, Boon Soon Yang, a 71 year old woman, was killed when she was hit by her daughter’s car in a strange Los Angeles car accident. Apparently, Ms. Yang, who was waiting to be picked up outside her nursing room, was hit by her daughter’s car and pinned against a wall.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the strange set of events occurred when Sung S. Lim, who lives in La Mirada, was attempting to make a left turn or a U-Turn, when her 2011 Audi A5 Quattro vehicle was struck by a 2005 Honda Civic, which was being driven by a Priya Shah, 19 years old, of Buena Park. According to police, Shah was driving within the speed limit. This impact caused Ms. Lim’s vehicle to jump the curb and pin her mother against the wall.

Ms. Yang was taken to West Anaheim Hospital after the Los Angeles car collision, but she was pronounced dead on arrival. Neither one of the drivers was injured in the collision. However, Ms. Lim was taken to the hospital due to the emotional distress of the incident.

It appears from what is known that the police are not putting blame for the car accident in Los Angeles, nor the Los Angeles wrongful death, on Shah, who was apparently traveling straight and within the speed limit. Therefore, the assumption is that Ms. Yang caused the car accident by making an unsafe turn.

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