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Wind Causes Big Rig Truck Accidents in San Bernardino

According to the Los Angeles Times, The California Highway Patrol has reported that the strong winds being experienced in San Bernardino, California, today, have caused five big rig trucks to overturn this morning.

The San Bernardino big rig truck accidents have caused lane closures on the 15 freeway as well as the 10 freeway in Rancho Cucamonga. The winds, which were as high as 58 miles per hour, also caused big rig trucks to overturn on the 10 freeway near the Etiwanda exit in Rancho Cucamonga and on the 60 freeway where Rancho Cucamonga meets Riverside.

Due to the danger from a big rig truck accident in San Bernardino, as well as the freeway closures and expected traffic delays, it is advisable to stay away from those areas today.

As readers of our blog know, California big rig truck accidents occur very frequently and often have disastrous effects. Due to their size and lack of maneuverability, it is advisable to keep a safe distance from big rig trucks whenever possible. Cases have shown that even a very small impact from a big rig truck can cause a much smaller car to lose control. Sometimes, the driver of the big rig truck will not even feel the impact, or he/she will claim as much.

Due to the complexities involved, anyone involved in an accident with a big rig truck should call a California personal injury lawyer, with a history of handling truck accident claims, such as our office has, so that investigation can be conducted to determine the cause and so that injured victims can get the recovery they deserve.

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