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Walch Law Corporation Settles Million Dollar Auto Accident Case

The personal injury attorneys at The Walch Law Corporation recently obtained a million dollar settlement for a Los Angeles car accident. This was a disputed liability auto accident case in which three cars were involved. We represented an elderly retired woman who was struck in an intersection.

We were successfully able to prove that our client entered the intersection legally and that the other vehicle that collided with her was making the unsafe left turn. The driver of the other vehicle was claiming that our client ran the red light. After the initial impact, our client’s vehicle struck another vehicle, causing injuries to the occupant of that vehicle.

The driver of the car that hit our client had a 1 million dollar insurance policy that had to be divided among all of the claimants. We successfully worked it out that only about $25,000 went to the other party for injuries and damages, while the remainder of the one million dollar policy limits was for our client.  We were able to obtain this settlement without our client undergoing any surgeries.

Our client gave us the following testimonial:

I am thrilled with my attorneys at the Walch Law Corporation and give them my top recommendation. They just settled my car accident case for about one million dollars and worked it out so my net recovery is over $500,000.00! I received over 55% of the settlement after health care providers and all attorneys’ fees and costs were paid. I am so happy and this amazing net result will really change my life for the better.

Also, during my case my attorneys stood up for me and hired investigators to be sure we would win when the insurer argued I may have caused the accident (which I most certainly did not). They also kept me informed, met with me as needed, hired experts to help prove my claim to the insurance company and just did everything I would hope for to make the claims process as easy and successful as possible.

Going through an accident is not easy but having the right personal injury law office on your side really can make a big difference. I am so happy I had the Walch Law Corp on my side.

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