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The new Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Expo Line was suddenly and unexpectedly closed yesterday morning, when a Toyota car crashed through a fence and over the Expo’s light rail tracks at Exposition Boulevard, thereby blocking the Expo train on its first work day.

Such car and truck collisions, crashes and accidents remind everyone of the reality of the L.A. Metro Line – its proximity to L.A. traffic.   Unlike underground subways or raised trains, the surface metro trains prevalent in Los Angeles County unfortunately are subject to frequent L.A. traffic collisions and accidents.  This traffic also obviously slows down the trains and adds to commuter times, but the construction cost savings (except when accidents result) are substantial.

This new Los Angeles car accident occurred around 5 a.m., on Monday, just before the start of L.A. morning rush hour traffic.  The MTA assembled buses to shuttle commuters around the Exposition Blvd. crash site.  Nevertheless, this car accident blocked both eastbound and westbound trains for about two (2) hours, messing up commuters’ schedules on the first morning new riders could try to use this new $1.5 billion dollar Expo extension.

Riders were reminded of a similar crash three (3) months ago, just the day after the Gold Line extension to Azusa opened, when a truck drove through a barrier on the 210 Freeway, then burst into flames and obstructed a stretch of the Gold Line tracks in Pasadena, Los Angeles county.

Some riders were joking about cars taking revenge on the spread train lines throughout Los Angeles County.  For more information about this car accident and the new Expo line, please see the Los Angeles Times, May 24, 2016, at B1.

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