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Truck Driver Injured in South Gate Train Accident

A South Gate train accident occurred this morning when a truck was struck by a freight train. The driver of the truck suffered minor injuries in the South Gate train crash, which also resulted in a vegetable oil spill. According to the Los Angeles Times, although a team was called in for potentially hazardous material, the oil spill was considered nontoxic and there did not appear to be any threat to the general public.

South Gate is a city in Los Angeles County, southeast of downtown Los Angeles. Investigators are still working to determine the cause of the Los Angeles train accident. According to a spokesperson for Union Pacific, the operator of the train, the truck driver caused the Los Angeles truck crash with the train when he allegedly tried to get over the tracks before the train.

It is however important to note that just because the train company is saying the train accident was the fault of the truck, this does not mean the train did not do anything wrong or that the truck driver caused the truck accident with the train. Most people make self serving statements, and investigators will have to work hard, including interviewing any independent eyewitnesses, to determine the true cause of the Los Angeles train crash.

If the truck driver was not at fault, he should hire a Los Angeles train accident lawyer to investigate the circumstances of the crash and make a claim against Union Pacific and any other responsible entities for his train accident injury damages. Our California train accident lawyers handle train accident cases in South Gate and throughout California.

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