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Tips to Avoid a Dog Bite Injury

Tips to Avoid a Dog Bite Injury

Tips to Avoid a Dog Bite Injury

Millions of American households have a family pet. According to the Insurance Information Institute, over 63 million of these pet-owning homes have a dog. Dogs are beloved pets and often become a part of the family. However, there is always a possibility that a dog can bite a person. Dog bite injuries can be very painful and serious, so it is important to understand how to avoid getting a dog bite.

A few tips to avoid a dog bite injury include:

  1. Understand warning signs—many times dogs bite because they are feeling threatened, angry, or scared. If you try to pet a dog when it is feeling this way, chances are the dog will react by biting you. This is why it is important to understanding warning signs of when a dog may be feeling threatened or anxious. A dog that feels threatened will often try to seem bigger—the dog will stand up straight, bare its teeth, growl, and stare directly at you. It will likely be barking and may even lunge toward you. An anxious dog may crouch down and back away. The dog may whimper, put its tail between the legs, or lay down. If you see this type of behavior from a dog, it is best to stop trying to approach them and avoid petting the dog.
  2. Don’t pet unfamiliar dogs without permission from the owner—sometimes its tempting to pet or touch a cute dog while out at the park or on the street. However, dogs have different personalities and temperaments and not all are immediately friendly. A dog may react to the touch of a stranger by biting as a defense. Always ask for permission to pet a dog as an owner may have a better understanding of their dog’s disposition.
  3. Avoid provoking or running from a dog—Even the friendliest dogs can react by biting when they are provoked or think a person is playing with them. Provoking a dog can occur by teasing the dog, taking its toys, or touching it while its sleeping. Additionally, running away from a dog can make the dog think you are playing with it, so instead stand still to avoid a bite

What to Do If You Get a Dog Bite

In the event that you do suffer a dog bite, it is important that you get medical attention to take care of your bite. Even a small bite can become infected and should be checked by a medical professional.

You should also get the information of the dog’s owner—In California, an owner has strict liability when it comes to harm caused by their pets. Strict liability is a legal concept which means that an owner must take responsibility for the harm caused by their pets even if they were not being negligent. So, if you are injured by another’s dog, you have a right to get compensation for your dog bite injuries by bringing a California personal injury claim.

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