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Pitbull Owners Arrested After California Dog Attack Injury

A 75 year old woman had to have her leg amputated due to injuries she suffered from a pitbull dog attack in San Diego. The woman is still being treated in the hospital due to dog bite injuries to her back, legs and arms.

The owners of the pitbull dogs, Carla Cornelio and Alba Cornelio, have been arrested and face felony charges for owning the dogs that caused the serious injury to the woman. The two pitbull dogs were euthanized by the Department of Animal Services.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the dogs had previously attacked another neighbor’s dog and the neighbor, and the Cornelios apparently paid the veterinary bills for that San Diego dog attack.

Our California dog attack lawyers handle dog bite and attack cases all throughout California. Dog bite and attack cases can be very sensitive, as the victims may also be dog lovers and often they have a dog that is attacked as well.

Due to the complexities involved with dog bite and dog attack cases, it is advisable that any victim of a dog bite or dog attack contact a California dog bite lawyer who can help them get the recovery they deserve. It is important that the attorney be familiar with California dog bite laws. The victim may be entitled to California dog attack damages, which may include medical bills, veterinary bills, pain, suffering and severe emotional distress damages.

We own and love dogs but we do not condone people keeping dangerous dogs without taking the necessary precautions to protect the public. Anyone injured from a dog bite or dog attack in California is invited to call our injury law office for a free consultation.

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