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Pedestrian Killed in Los Angeles Hit and Run Accident

According to the Los Angeles Times, an 18 year old pedestrian has been killed in Los Angeles when she was struck by a pickup truck. The driver of the pickup truck, who apparently slowed down after hitting the woman, but did not stop, has been identified as a Latino man who had a large beard.

The hit and run auto v. pedestrian accident in Los Angeles occurred in the Vermont Vista neighborhood, in South Los Angeles. The woman was crossing Figueroa Street where it meets 66th street, at about 10:30pm, when she was hit by the car.

The woman was taken to California Hospital Medical Center, where she died of her injuries from this collision.

If the driver of the vehicle who hit the woman is not found, the family of the victim may still have a Los Angeles wrongful death claim, but it will need to be filed with uninsured motorist coverage (if any). If the victim, or, in some cases, a family member who she resides with, has uninsured motorist coverage, the uninsured motorist coverage may step in to take the place of the responsible driver. This only occurs if the driver is not found, if the driver is found but does not have insurance, or if he is found but does not have enough insurance and the value of the uninsured motorist coverage exceeds the liability coverage on the responsible party’s insurance.

Any victim of a Los Angeles pedestrian accident should hire an experienced Los Angeles injury attorney to help obtain the medical care that he/she needs and to work to obtain a financial recovery for the damages.

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