I Was Injured in an Accident—How Long do I have to File a Los Angeles Personal Injury Claim?

I Was Injured in an Accident—How Long do I have to File a Los Angeles Personal Injury Claim?

When you are injured due to the fault of another person, you have a right to receive financial compensation for your injuries. Injuries caused by an accident can greatly disrupt your life and can affect your ability to work, take a toll on your mental health, and require expensive medical care. A personal injury claim can help you get recovery not only for your medical bill costs, but for all of your damages (a legal term meaning all harm caused by the accident) suffered.

However, if you are wanting to bring a Los Angeles personal injury claim against the party responsible for your injuries it is absolutely crucial to understand one thing: there is a time limit to filing personal injury claims.

March 3, 20120 is known as Super Tuesday because it’s the date 14 states hold their primary elections, including California.   Because of the high number of states and delegates up for grabs, whoever becomes the nominee of the Democrat Party to be President of the United States may be determined by the Super Tuesday votes.  And remember in addition to President, there are many other offices and measures being voted on, including our representatives for Congress  (known as the United States Representative), Los Angeles County District Attorney, many Judges of the Superior Court, and various county measures.

California used to hold its primary in June, but because so many other states held their primaries earlier and the nominees were sometimes already decided, California moved its primary up to early March to become more relevant.

In addition to moving its primary up to March 3, 2020, California and Los Angeles County have instituted early voting procedures where voters could vote in certain places since February 22, 2020 and other places since February 29, 2020.

What's considered dangerous flooring?

What’s considered dangerous flooring?

Dangerous flooring sounds like a minor risk inside a building, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports floors and dangerous flooring contribute directly to more than 2 million fall injuries each year. In fact, 85 percent of all workers’ compensation claims come from workers falling from slick floors! Dangerous flooring can contribute to a number of serious injuries, so here’s what you need to know if you’re the victim of this unsafe condition.

What Is Considered a Dangerous Flooring?

What Causes Tire Blowout Bicycle Accidents?

What Causes Tire Blowout Bicycle Accidents?

California’s sunny, warm weather and scenic views make bicycling an enjoyable, popular activity throughout the entire state. However, bicycle tire blowouts are a scary experience that can put an end to the enjoyment and cause serious injuries.

When a tire explodes, the rider is usually thrown from their bicycle and an accident occurs. The bicycle goes from easy to handle to incredibly difficult to control, and a resulting accident creates a high potential for catastrophic injuries both to the rider and sometimes even to others traveling on the road around them. If you or a loved one has been injured by a bicycle tire blowout accident, speak to an experienced Calabasas personal injury attorney to see if you may be entitled to compensation.

According to Reuters, on January 8, 2020, when Iran launched missiles at the military base at al-Asad in Iraq, President Donald Trump originally said “All is well!”  Later, as more and more American troops were diagnosed with concussions, Trump said he “heard that they had headaches and a couple of other things.”

Reuters however is pointing out that according to the troops and their medical personnel, all is not well.  A concussion, which is a traumatic brain injury, is a very serious injury.  Oftentimes however, if people don’t see a broken bone or an open wound, they do not appreciate the severity of the particular injury.  That is one possible explanation for why President Trump negated the severity of the injuries.  There are also other possible reasons, including political reasons.

One soldier even went as far as to say that when the missiles struck, he felt like he got hit by a truck.  Obviously, that is not just a headache.  This soldier suffered a traumatic brain injury and may suffer symptoms for a significant amount of time from this incident.  Furthering the severity of the incident is the fact that there were multiple impacts.  While one brain injury is bad enough, suffering from multiple brain injuries, especially in a short period of time, is particularly harmful to the victim.

Myth: All personal injury lawyers try to steal cases from each other.

There is a new and disturbing trend that we are seeing in our industry, where California personal injury lawyers are seeking out clients who are already represented by other attorneys. While this is unfortunately happening more and more, it is important to remember that lawyers are held to a high ethical standard and poaching cases from other lawyers still is not the norm.

Unlike some of the attorneys you see on television commercials, radio advertisements, or billboards, our firm is not looking to try to take cases from other attorneys. In fact, when a potential client calls us and wants to switch attorneys to us, the first thing we will do is look to see if the current attorney-client relationship is sustainable, or if it has reached a point of no return. Attorney Robert Walch will frequently see what he can do to revive the existing relationship, rather than take another attorney’s case.

How Can Accident Reconstruction Experts Help Your Claim?

How Can Accident Reconstruction Experts Help Your Claim?

Accidents happen all the time. When filing a personal injury claim, one of the first questions that arises is “Who is at fault?”, and often the answer isn’t readily apparent. When a claim is litigated in court, even accidents that seem straightforward can present complicated negligence issues.

Additionally, accident victim dealing with their injuries may face opposition by opposing parties that want to deny their claim or argue that the victim contributed to the accident and their resulting injuries.

In 2019 there were 244 people killed in car accidents in Los Angeles, California.  This number of people killed, whose families may have wrongful death claims for their damages, is 0.8% less than in 2018.   While any decrease is good, the small percentage of decrease from 2018 to 2019 is disappointing given the fact that Los Angeles has been on a four (4) year program to eliminate car accident deaths on the streets of Los Angeles.   The family members of anyone killed in a Los Angeles car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident should immediately contact us by calling 1 866 INJURY 2 or 1.818.222.3400 (after hours press “1”) for a FREE consultation.  We have won thousands and thousands of car accident cases over more than 43 years of handling such cases and if we take your case there is NO fee until YOU WIN!

Of the 244 victims killed in Los Angeles car accidents in 2019, reportedly 134 were pedestrians and 19 were biking.  This data was released by the City of  Los Angeles and reported by the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, February 6, 2020, in the California Section at page B1.

The program to try to eliminate deaths from traffic collisions in Los Angeles is called “Vision Zero” by Mayor Eric Garcetti.  Vision Zero was started in 2015,  and, surprisingly, the number of motorcyclists, pedestrians, occupants of cars and trucks, and bicyclists killed in car and other motor vehicle collisions then rose 33%!   Reportedly, deaths rose in 2016 from 183 to 253, but fortunately have fallen 3.6% since then, to 244 people killed in car collisions in 2019.

Car Crashes into Tustin Home Leaving 1 Dead, Others Injured

Car Crashes into Tustin Home Leaving 1 Dead, Others Injured

ABC 7 News recently reported that a car left the road and crashed into the dining room of a home in Tustin, a city in Orange County. The crash occurred just before 2:30 in the morning and the residents of the home described that “it felt like a magnitude-20 earthquake.” Chandeliers, TVs and other property were destroyed, but the residents of the home were okay. Fortunately, the car barley missed the homeowner’s daughters and their friends who were having a sleep over in the living room of the home—the girls suffered only minor scratches.

However, the young driver of the car—a 20-year-old male—was not wear a seatbelt and was killed on impact. The 17-year-old female passenger was wearing a seatbelt and suffered injuries in the crash. She was taken to the hospital to receive treatment for her injuries.

Can I bring a Los Angeles Personal Injury Claim for my Burn Injuries?

Can I bring a Los Angeles Personal Injury Claim for my Burn Injuries?

Although we certainly hope no one has to experience a burn injury, burn injuries can and do occur. Whether the injury occurs at home or at work, burn injuries can be very serious and painful and require extensive medical treatment.

If you have suffered a burn injury, it is possible that the injury caused more than just physical damage in your life. Chances are your burn injuries resulted in expensive medical care—many burn victims have to be treated at specialized burn care treatment centers. You also may have had to miss work to recover from your injuries. You may even be struggling from the trauma associated with a burn accident and emotion pain if the injury caused permanent scaring or disfigurement. All of these damages can take a huge toll on your life. If you have suffered a burn injury due to the fault of another, you can bring a Los Angeles personal injury claim to recover financially for these types of damages (and others) caused as a result of your burn injury.

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