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Orange County and San Bernardino Accidents Caused by Elderly Drivers

Two serious California car accidents this week were caused by elderly drivers whose ages seemed to have played a large part in causing the incidents. First, on Monday afternoon, in an Orange County accident, a ninety one year old lady apparently accelerated in reverse into the patio area of a doughnut shop, causing injuries to three people. Then, on Tuesday, an eighty five year old woman, driving in the wrong direction on Interstate 15, caused a San Bernardino car accident that killed her and another man.

According to the Los Angeles Times, in the Orange County car accident, three men sustained injuries and were treated at hospitals. All three injuries were considered minor. After hitting the patio area of the doughnut shop, the woman then shifted her vehicle into drive and drove forward and collided with a wall for a residential property. There do not appear to have been injuries to pedestrians in the second collision.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the I-15 accident, near Bear Valley Road in San Bernardino County, occurred when the elderly woman drove the wrong way on the freeway and struck a Cadillac Eldorado in a head on collision. The woman and the sixty seven year old male driver of the Cadillac both died from their injuries in this collision. The woman was from Victorville and the man was from Hesperia.

These Orange and San Bernardino car accidents, as well as many others in the past, must cause us to ask the question whether the California Department of Motor Vehicles is doing enough to insure that California drivers are qualified to be on the road. We often hear stories of people in their twenties and thirties, with no histories of problems on the road, having to pass vision and other tests to renew their licenses, while other elderly drivers are able to renew their licenses without any tests.

We do not believe that drivers should be denied a license due to their age, that would be unlawful discrimination, but we do believe that public safety requires that drivers over a certain age must be able to pass basic vision and driving tests in order to keep their licenses. The policy of protecting the public must outweigh the hardship on elderly drivers. Being able to drive is a privilege, not a right, and tragic accidents like those this week need to be prevented.

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