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3 Killed in South Los Angeles Car Accident – Driving Without a License

The Los Angeles Times reports that a South Los Angeles car accident has caused the death of three women. The single car accident occurred when the driver of the vehicle, Tenina Calhoun, a resident of Moreno Valley, crashed into a tree near the intersection of Normandie and West Florence Avenue in South Los Angeles.

Ms. Calhoun had five passengers in the vehicle, all of whom suffered serious injuries in the South Los Angeles car wreck. Five of the occupants of the vehicle were ejected from the car and three of the women died as a result of the accident. The driver of the vehicle was reportedly driving without a license and police said they found alcohol in the vehicle.

This wrongful death car accident highlights the debate over what to do when police stop unlicensed drivers. Some argue that it should be mandatory that the unlicensed driver’s vehicle be impounded for thirty days. They argue that statistics show that unlicensed drivers are involved in more car accidents than licensed drivers. Opponents of this rule argue that it is unfair to illegal immigrants, who cannot obtain a license to drive. The L.A. Times writes that a police commission will be hearing a debate on this issue on February 14, 2012.

Other recent accidents involving unlicensed drivers include a Panorama City pedestrian accident in December that caused the death of a 60 year old woman who was struck by a sports utility vehicle and a Jefferson park car accident last week where two LAPD officers were injured and had to be hospitalized.

It is important to remember, however, that just because a person is driving without a license, does not mean that person was at fault for the car accident. Liability for a car accident is determined by negligence of the parties involved. Many people think that when they are unlicensed, they do not have rights when it comes to compensation for their car accident injuries. This is not correct. Our office has successfully handled many cases involving injuries to unlicensed drivers. Through the use of witnesses and other investigation, we have been able to prove that our client, although not licensed, did not cause the collision, and was entitled to a monetary recovery personal injury damages. If you or a loved one is injured in an accident caused by another, whether driving with or without a license, call our office for a free consultation [818.222.3400] with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer.

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