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Motorcyclist Killed in Brentwood Hit and Run Accident

A motorcyclist was killed last Wednesday when he was hit by a van in Brentwood, California. The driver of the van did not stop to render aid or identify him or herself after the collision and has not yet been identified. According to the Los Angeles Times, the victim of this hit and run accident was Ehsan Fazel, who lived in Woodland Hills, California.

Apparently, this Brentwood motorcycle accident occurred when Fazel was lane splitting, which is when motorcyclists ride between lanes of cars. Lane splitting is a common act done by motorcyclists and it is not illegal in California, as long as it can be done safely. The California Highway Patrol advises that lane splitting, also known as lane sharing, is neither specifically allowed, nor prohibited, under California law.

This Brentwood accident happened on Sunset Boulevard, near Kenter Avenue. The driver of the white van continued on Sunset Boulevard and was not identified. Anyone with any information on the accident, including a possible license plate for the van, should call the LAPD right away at 213-473-0234.

The family of Mr. Fazel may be able to recover motorcycle accident wrongful death damages, depending on certain circumstances. First, it must be established that the driver of the van was at least partially responsible for the accident. Second, if the van is identified, a California wrongful death lawyer would need to find out whether there is any liability insurance for the driver or owner of the van. Third, if there is no insurance for the van, or if the van is never identified, there may be uninsured motorist coverage for Mr. Fazel. If Mr. Fazel, or if a resident family member, purchased uninsured motorist coverage, this may be a source of a financial recovery for Mr. Fazel’s legal heirs.

All of these things should be examined right away by an experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer so that all of the rights of Mr. Fazel’s heirs can be protected.

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