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4 Injured in Lancaster Accident

Four people suffered injuries in a car accident earlier this afternoon in Lancaster, California. According to The Antelope Valley Times, the Lancaster car accident occurred when a fire truck, that was responding to an emergency call, struck another vehicle in an intersection. Apparently, according to the Lancaster Sheriff’s Department, the fire truck, with lights and siren activated, stopped at a red light, then cleared the lanes to travel through the intersection, when a Toyota Avalon, in the #2 lane on 10th Street West, changed to the #3 lane to get around stopped traffic, entered the intersection and was struck by the fire truck.

The severity of those injured in the accident is not currently known. However, the driver of the fire truck’s injuries were described as being very minor. He was transported to Antelope Valley Hospital regardless. One of the passengers in the Toyota Avalon, a pregnant woman, was ejected from the vehicle, but the severity of her injuries, including injuries to the unborn baby, are not yet known.

The Los Angeles Police Department provides many important tips for what to do when you are driving and hear or see an emergency vehicle approaching. We advise that all of our readers click here to read the LAPD safety tips. Following these directions might help prevent an accident with an emergency vehicle.

Legally, there are many obstacles that must be addressed when pursuing a California personal injury claim for an accident involving an emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance, fire truck or police car. Our personal injury attorneys have successfully handled such cases in the past, but it is important to follow important rules, including making the government claim against the responsible entity within six months of the date of the incident. Also, if it can be proven, usually through witness testimony, that the vehicle was not following proper light and siren guidelines, this will help prove liability against the government entity.

Whenever you are injured in a car accident in Lancaster, we recommend that you call our experienced team of car accident attorneys right away, including from the scene of the accident, to make sure that your rights are fully protected and so that we can help obtain the maximum financial recovery for you.

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