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Los Angeles to Las Vegas Train Should Ease Traffic and Reduce Car Accidents

According to the Los Angeles Times, a company called Las Vegas Railway Express, will be set to operate a train route from Southern California to Las Vegas. The “X Train” will be for adults only and will be on refurbished trains traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Thursday and Friday afternoons, and back to Los Angeles on Sundays.

This new passenger train route, which will leave from Fullerton, California, will be expected to ease traffic for those commuters who still wish to drive to and from Las Vegas. It should also cause a reduction in the amount of Nevada and California car accidents that occur each year. The route is expected to begin operations for New Years Eve in 2013.

Many California residents are very familiar with the extreme traffic during peak travel hours on Interstate 15. This new passenger train route should hopefully reduce those traffic jams. Also, with less cars on the road, the amount of car accidents should also be reduced. On the other side of the argument, when there are fewer cars on the road, sometimes cars travel faster, leading to more serious car accident injuries.

The train ride is expected to cost $99 each way, and is meant to be an extension of the Las Vegas party atmosphere. Passengers will not have to worry about drinking and driving, or driving home in traffic with a rough Las Vegas hangover.

Of course, safety will have to be a concern with the new passenger train route. California and Nevada have each seen their share of deadly train accidents in recent years. As long as this company takes all safety precautions, this should be a welcome addition for Southern California residents who travel to and from Las Vegas.

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