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Consumer Protection – Vote NO on Propositions 32 & 33!

Although we try to stay neutral on political issues, when ballot measures involve Consumer Protection issues, as some do on the November 6, 2012, ballot, we feel an obligation to offer some information to those who are interested.

Proposition 32, limiting political contributions (which if and when done fairly across the board to limit influence peddling – or as some might say “legal bribery”) would be great, but here it is promoted or supported by just one side (huge corporations and insurance companies) who unfairly want to limit campaign contributions by their adversaries without making those limits reciprocal or equal for both sides. Regardless of your position, this should be offensive. You might wonder when those with resources might similarly try to limit you!
As those against it wrote, “Before you vote on Prop. 32, answer two questions. Would billionaires pay to place this on the ballot unless they were getting exemptions! When’s the last time a proposition backed by special interests in California didn’t contain loopholes and exemptions?”
“Real estate developers, insurance companies and billionaire venture capitalists are just three groups EXEMPT from provisions of Proposition 32, while a union will no longer be able to contribute to candidates. In addition, huge corporate special interests can continue to spend unlimited money on politics.”

Where are the checks and balances? Where is the fairness? Who will be there to assist you when those with resources try to limit you or their opposition?

Proposition 33, which attempts to change current law to allow insurance companies to set rates based on whether the applicant-driver previously carried insurance with an insurance company, is simply a trick to charge some Californians more for auto insurance. Proposition 33 reportedly is funded 99% by one insurance company billionaire who claims he wants to save drivers money on their insurance. “When was the last time an insurance company executive spent $8 million on a ballot initiative to save you money?”

Rather, Prop. 33 may raise rates on drivers, even with perfect driving records. It unfairly punishes drivers who stopped driving for legit reasons – like going to college, recovering from a serious illness or injury, or using public transportation to save money or time.
California law currently prohibits such rate increases; do NOT let this insurer trick you. “Voters already said NO in 2010 when this billionaire’s insurance company spent $16 million to pass a similar initiative. Now he’s at it again.”

References and quotes are from the California General Election Official Voter Information Guide for November 6, 2012. In addition, and not surprisingly, the Los Angeles Times reported today on PAGE ONE, that an Arizona group was scrambling to keep secret the name of the individual(s) behind an eleven million dollar (that’s $11,000,000.00) donation to a fund that, among other things, promotes Prop. 32 mentioned above! The California Supreme Court just ordered the Arizona group to turn-over its papers, but as last reported and not surprisingly, the group is either resisting or delaying. Why would it do that? Why would it try to keep its donor(s) anonymous? Well, one obvious reason is so that their true identities do not come out before the election tomorrow to reveal those really promoting this ballot initiative!

The Los Angeles Times endorses a NO vote for Propositions 32 and 33.

Please be on guard against all consumer fraud, including misleading ballot measures. Please feel free to pass this on to everyone in your email address book and should you have any questions about consumer fraud or any claim against anyone who has caused you any harm, including in any car, motorcycle or premises liability accident, please contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers for a FREE consultation at 818.222.3400 or 866 INJURY 2 or by email at

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