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Los Angeles Driver Posts Dashcam Video of Near Accidents

A person with the username “habloconleche” recently posted a reddit video of some of the things seen, including many near car accidents, while driving around Los Angeles. The short video, which can be seen on laist, is shot from a dashcam in front of the vehicle and shows some of the many dangerous and unsafe maneuvers that many Los Angeles drivers attempt on the roads and freeways.

Sometimes these cars, vans and trucks are driving in emergency lanes to save time and others are changing lanes or doing other unsafe turning movements without properly signaling their intent to other drivers. This video shows some of the risky behavior of certain drivers and why it is always necessary to be on alert when driving around Los Angeles.

After watching the video, it is amazing that none of the dangerous and often illegal maneuvering directly led to any Los Angeles car accidents occurring in front of this driver. The driver does note, however, an intention to keep videotaping and posting videos of these dangerous actions.

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