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3 Girls Killed in Halloween Santa Ana Pedestrian Wrongful Death Accident

Three girls were tragically killed on Friday night when they were struck by a speeding vehicle while trick or treating. According to, the Santa Ana accident occurred when the three girls, all aged thirteen years old, were hit by a vehicle that was speeding. Two male occupants of the vehicle apparently fled the scene, but were followed by a witness. Eventually, the two men left the Honda CRV and fled the scene by foot.

The speed limit at the location of this Santa Ana wrongful death was 25 miles per hour, but apparently the vehicle might have been going approximately 50 miles per hour when it struck the girls. The Santa Ana Police Department is investigating this case and searching for the men responsible. We can only hope that the registration on the vehicle matches up with the driver, so that the driver can be brought to justice.

In many of these types of incidents, the driver of the vehicle is intoxicated, with alcohol and/or drugs, and decides that it would be better to flea the scene than to be found intoxicated at the scene. Hopefully the driver and other occupant of the vehicle will see the error in their ways and turn themselves in immediately.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2013, of all the Halloween crash fatalities, 48% involved a drunk driver. On other days, that figure is 31%.

Our California personal injury lawyers recently successfully handled a Santa Ana pedestrian accident wrongful case in which the driver of the vehicle was intoxicated. We obtained over one million dollars for the family of the victim, which was the most obtainable under the applicable insurance policies. The driver recently pled guilty and will be going to prison.

With regard to this incident, our sincerest condolences go out to the family or families of the girls. They will need to hire an experienced Santa Ana wrongful death lawyer to investigate what insurance coverage or assets can be obtained from the man responsible for this crash.

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