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Los Angeles Auto Accident Recovery Keypoints

If you are injured in an auto accident in Los Angeles, the last thing you are probably thinking about is preserving evidence for a personal injury case. However, if you are physically able, or have a family member or friend who can help you, getting and preserving evidence will have a huge impact on your potential recovery.

Once you have obtained the other driver’s information (driver’s license number, address, phone number, license plate number, insurance company policy information, etc.), it is then important to document how the accident happened. If the other party is admitting liability (fault) at the scene, and seems genuinely apologetic, see if the other party will sign a short document stating that he/she caused the accident. While this may seem silly, especially in cases such as a seemingly simple rear end collision, oftentimes the responsible party will change his/her story when it comes to reporting the facts of the collision to his/her insurance company. If you have a signed document, this will help prevent the other party from changing his/her story.

One important type of evidence is photographs. People injured in an accident in Los Angeles should take photographs of the scene of the injury as well as of any visible injuries. Take photos from multiple angles and get injury photos with good lighting. Photos of visible injuries, taken as soon as possible after the auto accident, can significantly increase the value of your case. Make sure to keep the pictures in a safe place and maintain them until well after your case is fully resolved.

Once you have done these things, you should immediately call our office as we can give you the fact specific advice that your claim needs. Our experienced law office knows how to use these key pieces of evidence to help you recover the full value of what your case is worth.

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