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Avoiding Los Angeles Personal Injury Case Pitfalls

It is continually getting harder and harder to obtain a fair personal injury settlement in Los Angeles. Insurance companies will make every argument possible for why you, the victim of someone else’s negligence, do not deserve a fair recovery for your Los Angeles personal injury claim.

One mistake that accident victims frequently make is giving statements to the other party’s insurance company after an accident. If you give a statement, without an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney present, you may be committing certain mistakes that can seem innocent at the time, but may torpedo your case’s settlement value.

Another mistake Los Angeles accident victims make is thinking they can handle their claim on their own. We get countless calls from people who attempted to handle their case on their own, and then felt like they were being given the run around and treated unfairly by the insurance company. While we are usually able to help these people, there is not much that can be done to reverse some mistakes that they have already made. These clients often tell us they wish they called us the day of the accident, or from the scene of the accident, as they learn that this would have helped them maximize their recovery on their personal injury case in Los Angeles.

Another pitfall that many Los Angeles injury victims fall into is thinking that their health insurance will provide them with all of the medical help they need. Unfortunately, victims of an accident can often experience waiting times of two or more weeks between calling their doctor for an appointment and actually seeing their doctor. While we know it is not true, the responsible party’s insurance company will often offer less money on the claim, by arguing that the “gap in treatment” shows that the injury victim was not in fact injured. If you have been injured in an accident in Los Angeles, or its surrounding cities and communities, call our office right away (866) 465-8792. We can help get you the medical care you need right away, without these delays, so that you can get back onto your feet quicker and get the personal injury recovery you deserve.

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