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Gore Medical’s DualMesh Hernia Repair Mesh Lawsuits

Gore Medical’s DualMesh Hernia Repair Mesh

There are some lawsuits beginning for the Gore Medical DualMesh hernia repair mesh and Walch Law is the Los Angeles hernia mesh law firm you want helping you. If you have been injured from a Gore Medical hernia mesh, you should consider joining a hernial mesh lawsuit. The Gore Medical DualMesh is a biomaterial hernial mesh product, that was made from polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). You’ve known ePTFE as the polymer with high strength, used in your non-stick cookware, but the type used in a hernia mesh is the expanded kind that can be used for hernia surgical repairs. The compound ePTFE is considered to be superior to stop the adhesion formation in the human body after the surgical procedure, but it is not as good at encouraging host tissue to grow in the same regions of the body after a surgery using this material.

The GORE® DUALMESH® product was manufactured to be of a pliable material that is able to be easily used with hernia and reconstruction surgeries of soft tissue injuries. It was meant to be useful as an absorbable mesh, but it can come with series of high-level risks, including:

  • Decrease of normal tissue growth in the area of the implant
  • Infection growth in already contaminated areas
  • Formulation of fistulas in the area of the implant
  • Experience of chronic pain
  • Experience of restriction of movement in the area of the implant

Gore Hernial Mesh May Have Serious Defects in the Product

The Gore hernia mesh has been noted to have had defects, which were fatal flaws that were produced in the manufacturing process. Gore has been sued based on the findings related to their hernia mesh products, and the allegations of negligence related to the product need to be found before a lawsuit can be initiated. For that reason, product liability based on the defective and unsafe condition of the manufactured mesh is going to need to be proven, as the result of Gore’s negligent manufacturing process related to anyone injured as a result of using a Gore hernial mesh product to repair a hernia.

The use of surgical mesh has been the preferred tool for use in hernia repair surgeries, because of the possibility for successful outcomes post-surgery. The problem with using any type of surgical mesh, is the higher rate of complications after the surgical procedure to implant the hernial mesh. It is critical that the hernia mesh be implanted properly, that the mesh itself is competent and not flawed or defective, and that the person is able to heal normally to get back to a sustainable life, after the procedure has been completed.

If you have questions regarding the worth, value or settlement procedures related to a hernia mesh lawsuit, you need to call our law office today to talk about your concerns. We can walk you through the process, and explain the next steps to you when you make the call to us. We are available to take your call at the Law Offices of Gary K. Walch, and you can call us at 866-INJURY2 or 866-465-8792.



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