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Bard Hernia Mesh Legal Liability

Bard Hernia Mesh Legal Liability

Hernia repair surgery is a common surgical procedure, that is used to repair a medical problem or trauma that has weakened the abdominal wall. Hernias can be found in various areas of the body, including:

  • Groin 
  • Indirect inguinal
  • Direct inguinal 
  • Femoral
  • Ventral
  • Umbilical
  • Epigastric
  • Spigelian
  • Lumbar
  • Incisional

The surgical procedure that is performed to repair a hernia can be by an open repair method or by a laparoscopic surgical procedure. The surgeon will review the hernia of the patient, then determine which surgery is best for the patient’s hernia as presented. If a laparoscopic surgery is chosen, there will be a lower incidence of pain and hospital time will be shortened, in most cases. An open repair of a hernia is a surgical procedure under general anesthesia. 

Risk Factors Increase When Hernia Meshes Are Used to Repair Hernias

There are many risk factors associated with a hernia, these risk concerns can complicate other chronic conditions, such as:

  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetic conditions
  • Trauma in the bowel area
  • Constant heavy lifting for a job

When you have a hernia, the internal organs are pushing through a hole that has formed in your abdominal wall area. This will cause great discomfort, pain and pulling of the muscles in the area. It is then necessary to have a hernia repair surgical procedure, which will repair the hernia. But many times, the hernia mesh surgery will exacerbate other issues in the individual, which can lead to a medical disaster after a hernia mesh is implanted. When you are looking for the best Los Angeles hernia mesh lawyer, look no further than the highly experienced team at Walch Law to help you. 1-844-999-5342 

Bard Composite Surgical Hernia Meshes Are Commonly Used to Repair Hernias

A healthcare professional will diagnose a hernia, and suggest a hernia repair operation to repair the hernia. Surgical hernia mesh materials are often used to repair a weak abdominal wall in the area of the hernia. Hernia meshes can be made of:

  • Synthetic materials 
  • Biological mesh
  • Composite mesh materials (synthetic polymer and natural/synthetic materials)

Bard Hernia Meshes Use Composite Materials That May Contain Defects

The Bard Davol, Inc. hernia meshes include the: 

  • Ventralight™ ST Mesh
  • Sepramesh™ IP Composite
  • Composix™ L/P Mesh 

The Bard mesh is meant to have a hydrogel with a bioresorbable coating to resorb in one month, the mesh promotes increased growth of tissue in the human body, and the mesh is light and able to be cut to a custom fit. These meshes may be prone to defects, which can be harmful if inserted into your body during a hernia mesh surgical repair procedure. 

Although the advantages of using composite hernia meshes are that they are of a good mechanical strength and have a lower incidence of forming fistulae, composite hernia meshes can cause many serious complications such as inflammation in the body. Infections from hernia meshes can be quite serious, and can even lead to sepsis and death if not properly treated. The types of complications from a hernia mesh includes:

  • Infectious disease transmission 
  • Mechanical instability 
  • Hernia recurrence 
  • Complete absorption with infections
  • Inflammation
  • Scar tissue formation 
  • Fibrous ingrowth in the prothesis 
  • Low anatomic adaptability
  • Chronic inflammatory reactions
  • Adhesion risks
  • Dense adhesions
  • Low mesh compliance
  • Incomplete wound healing
  • Defective mesh structure
  • Aggressive macrophage inflammation reactions
  • Chronic pain in area of surgical mesh

If you have questions regarding the worth, value or settlement procedures related to a Bard composite hernial mesh lawsuit, you need to call our law office today to talk about your concerns. We are available to take your call at the Law Offices of Gary K. Walch, and you can call us at 866-INJURY2 or 866-465-8792.

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