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What To Do Following A Car Accident

You never want to get into one. You drive to avoid them and are constantly on the lookout, but in many instances a car accident is unavoidable throughout your lifetime of driving. This is especially true in Southern California where you drive everywhere! At Walch Law, we work with individuals every day to help with the aftermath of their car accident. If you or a loved one has recently been in a car accident, make sure to give us a call to discuss how we might help obtain compensation for your injuries and the damage done to your car- even if the accident was partially your fault. Give us a call anytime to discuss your case further at 866 INJURY 2 (Press 1 after hours).

Knowing what to do following a car accident can not only help calm your nerves but can also help with your physical and financial recovery down the line.

Here’s a look at some top tips for handling a car accident (of course every situation is different and these are only some tips):

  1. Take a breath: If you can, take a moment to compose yourself amidst the madness following even the most minor accident. With airbags going off and people coming around, you are likely to experience an adrenaline rush. Give yourself a moment to calm down and take inventory of what hurts, to better explain things to the police and paramedics if and when they arrive.
  2. Stay at the scene: Staying at the scene of an accident until help can arrive and you exchange information is usually the best thing to do. You want to stay at the scene of the car accident until these important items are taken care of. This will also give your nerves a chance to calm down!
  3. Exchange information: If you can, you will want to exchange all relevant information with the other parties to the accident. This information is important for your legal case down the line.
  4. Evidence: Evidence is always best fresh so make sure that you talk to relevant witnesses (write down their contact information) and take pictures of all vehicles as soon as reasonably possible. This includes getting contact information, photos of the scene and other important details such as license plate numbers, drivers licenses, insurance information, registration, etc. You also want to take a moment and write down your recollection of the events. All these items will be valuable to making sure you get the financial recovery you deserve.
  5. Call the Walch Law Firm: Give the experienced attorneys at the Walch Law firm a call as soon as you can. Not only can we handle every aspect of your legal case but we can also help put you in touch with medical providers to make sure you are getting the medical attention you deserve to get you back to where you were before the accident happened.

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One thing you never want to do following a car accident is accept any type of settlement before speaking with an experienced California car accident attorney. These offers are often way under what you will get when you work with a good attorney. Before you accept anything, make sure you give Walch Law a call for your free consultation. We help victims of car accidents throughout the state of California get the recovery they deserve. Let our 45 years of experience get you the same great results we have gotten for so many of our clients in the past! Call 1-866-INJURY 2.

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