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Earthquakes Shake Southern California

Recently Southern California has been hit by a series of back to back earthquakes and several aftershocks. According to the Los Angeles Times, the first quake with a magnitude of 6.4, occurred on July 4th—the second quake occurred the next day, and this time it was a 7.1 magnitude quake.

The epicenter of both quakes was located near Ridgecrest, CA, a Mojave Desert town around 125 miles northeast of Los Angeles. The shaking from the quakes was “felt as far away as Phoenix, Las Vegas, Baja California and Reno.” Since the quakes occurred there have been hundreds of aftershocks.

Thankfully, no one was killed in these earthquakes, though many people in Ridgecrest suffered minor injuries. There was, however, significant structural damages to homes, stores, and infrastructure—”The earthquake sparked several gas leaks and four fires, destroying several mobile homes.” Many homes were weakened in the initial quakes and officials are concerned that aftershocks could cause further damage or collapse.

Officials are warning those impacted by the quakes in the small desert town to continue to take precautions during the next few days, especially because many were without power. Because “temperatures in the next few days could hit 100 degrees, with winds gusts up to 35 mph Officials cautioned against spending prolonged time sleeping outside in the high desert without water or air conditioning and urged families to ensure a steady supply of water, food and fuel.”

Experiencing an earthquake can be a frightening experience, and in California quakes are common. An earthquake can leave you injured or damage to your home or property, which is why it is so important to be prepared.  Having an emergency kit is very beneficial if you significantly impacted earthquake—You can get a checklist on how to make your own kit on Some things to include in your kit are: cash, a copy of your ID, flashlight, extra batteries, extra toiletries, face masks to filter air, a poncho, food for at least 72-hours, and most importantly, lots of clean water.

When your property is damaged by an earthquake, getting compensation for your loss may require legal help. It is crucial for Southern California residents to make sure they have earthquake insurance. Living in California means earthquakes are always a potential threat to your personal safety, as well as the safety of your property.

If an earthquake does damage your property, you will then need to make an earthquake insurance damage claim. This can be an extremely detailed and complicated process that involves an appraiser from the insurance company. If you need help making a claim for California earthquake damage, you will want to speak to an experienced lawyer that can make sure you get a fair earthquake damage settlement. Damage from an earthquake can be simply structural damage or it can be severe damage, like several of the homes destroyed in these quakes, that requires rebuilding the whole house. You will certainly want your insurance company gives you a fair offer for the full amount of the damage to your property.

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