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Deadly Flight Lesson Crash in California Kills Instructor and Injures Passenger

According to KTLA News, a small plane carrying a flight instructor and a 12-year-old boy crashed at Whiteman Airport on Monday September 4, 2018. Just after takeoff, the small plane experienced an unknown problem and radioed an emergency before it crashed into a building upside down and erupted into flames.

The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the scene and were able to pull both the instructor and the young passenger from the plane. Both were taken to nearby trauma centers—the pilot suffered cardiac arrest and passed away at the hospital, while the boy was in critical condition. 

Apparently, the young boy’s father purchased the flight lesson experience for the boy’s birthday. The father was at the airport and witnessed the crash take place. An investigation to determine the cause of the sudden crash is underway by both the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board.

After the investigation, a personal injury claim can likely be filed on the boy’s behalf for his extensive injuries. We recommend the family hire an experienced California personal injury attorney who can help investigate the accident and determine possible claims. In a situation like this one, the boy could possibly have a personal injury claim against the pilot’s estate and the flight lesson company that owns the plane. The flight lesson company will likely have a commercial insurance liability policy to cover in case of such an accident.

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