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Avoiding a Rain Accident in Los Angeles

Although rainy days are rare in Los Angeles, they do appear every once in a while and cause plenty of hardships to Los Angeles commuters. Driving in rainy conditions can be very dangerous and we wish to remind our readers to be extra careful to avoid auto accidents caused by the rain.

One reason many accidents occur in the rain is decreased visibility, especially at night. This, combined with the fact that it takes cars a longer time to stop in the rain, mean that drivers should keep a much larger distance between their car and the cars around them.

Because there are more Los Angeles auto accidents in the rain, this often causes more traffic as drivers look to see what is going on in the shoulder of the road. It is very important to always concentrate on the road and not be too distracted with looking at ambulances, fire engines and police cars. These distractions often turn one Los Angeles auto accident into many.

Because our office receives many inquiries from those people who are injured in a car accident in the rain, we know the potential danger that driving in the rain creates. We wish to remind you to stay safe and remember to keep extra distance from other vehicles while driving during or after the rain. If you have been injured in a rain related accident in the Los Angeles area, call our office to now to learn about your rights.

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