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4 Car Collision in North Hills Injures 5 After High Speed Chase

A high speed chase of a suspected drunk driver, that started in Calabasas, California, ended with a 4 car collision in North Hills on Friday. The suspect in the chase was the most seriously injured, while the 4 other injuries are believed to be minor to moderate, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Unfortunately, high speed chases ending in a multi-vehicle collision in Los Angeles are an all too common occurrence. Fortunately, here, the injuries to innocent bystanders do not appear to be very serious.

The question continues to come up as to whether these Los Angeles high speed chases are actually necessary. Some commentators advise that a new system of simply tracking the vehicle without the fleet of patrol cars following at high speeds would be a safer option for the public.

Although in this case, a potentially drunk driver does pose a danger to the public (as we all know the risks of a Los Angeles drunk driving collision), when the suspect in the chase does not pose a serious threat, such as a non-violent criminal offender, perhaps not following through with the chase would be a safer option for the public and would prevent many Los Angeles car accident injuries.

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