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$100,000 Settlement For Injured Driver in Indio Car Accident

Our California personal injury lawyers recently settled an Indio car accident injury case for one hundred thousand dollars. In this claim, our client had very low medical bills and the insurance company attempted to claim that it was a minor rear end accident. The insurance company based its argument on the low property damage repair amount. We successfully argued that our client had a prior surgery and his condition was aggravated by this collision.

The party who hit our client only had $15,000 in insurance coverage, which is the minimum amount allowed by law in California. First, we did a policy limits demand and we were able to obtain the $15,000 policy limits from the other party. After that, we opened an underinsured motorist claim with our own client’s insurance company. We were then able to obtain the additional $85,000 maximum amount from our client’s coverage, as our client had $100,000 in uninsured motorist coverage and there is a write off for the $15,000 already obtained from the other party’s insurance.

When we disbursed the funds out last week, our client’s net share of the settlement, after attorney’s fees, costs and his medical bills were paid, was approximately $60,000. We consistently hear about people who go to other attorneys and end up with a net share of the settlement that is less than even one-third of the gross recovery. In every one of our California personal injury cases, we do our absolute best to maximize our client’s net recovery, as we know that is what is most important to our clients when their case is resolved.

This is just one example of a situation where our hard work resulted in a great settlement and an excellent net financial recovery for our client. We have almost 45 years of experience handling California car accident injury and wrongful death claims, including uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist claims, like we did for this client.

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