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Wrongful Death Claim Filed Against Glendale Nursing Home for COVID-19 Death

Wrongful Death Claim Filed Against Glendale Nursing Home for COVID-19 Death

Wrongful Death Claim Filed Against Glendale Nursing Home for COVID-19 Death

The effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus have been tragic worldwide. Millions have died from the virus, and it has been especially deadly for those older than 65. The virus spreads so easily and quickly, especially in places with large groups, and so many older people in nursing homes have been particularly at risk. Sadly, coronavirus has devastated many nursing homes throughout the country.

Recently, a family brought a wrongful death claim against a Glendale nursing home after their loved one died from coronavirus. ABC 7 News reported that 77-year-old Ricardo Saldana contracted COVID-19 at the Glenhaven Healthcare nursing home and passed away because of the virus. Saldana’s children claim that the nursing home was negligent in handling the coronavirus outbreak.

The family stated that their father was relatively healthy before the COVID-19 outbreak. Then, the nursing home put a patient with COVID-19 into their dad’s room and he contracted the virus. Additionally, the facility knowingly allowed a nurse that had been exposed to COVID-19 to continue working and did not tell any of the residents. The staff was told not to wear face masks or protective gear. Saladana is one of 10 Glenhaven residents who have died due to COVID-19. Saldana’s family have filed a claim against the nursing home for “elder abuse, willful misconduct, negligence, and wrongful death.”

Sadly, many times nursing homes can be a harmful place for your loved one. In addition to the current negligent handling of the COVID-19 crisis in many nursing homes, those in nursing homes can be harmed by neglect of caretakers or even physical abuse. This is particularly devastating when you have trusted the home and its workers to provide care for your family member. If your loved one passes away in a nursing home or care center, and you suspect it was due to negligence, abuse, or other harmful acts on the part of the home, you can bring a wrongful death case against them, like the family in this case.

A wrongful death claim is brought by family members when a loved one dies due to the fault of another. A successful wrongful death claim allows family members to receive financial compensation, called damages, for their loss. Financial recovery is available for the family’s losses such as costs associated with medical care, burial and funeral expenses, as well as compensation for other losses including pain and suffering. An experienced Glendale wrongful death attorney can help family members bring this claim so they can get the compensation they deserve.

If your loved one has died due to COVID-19 or other harm suffered at a nursing home, it is important to reach out to a skilled wrongful death attorney right away as you may have a wrongful death claim. At Walch Law, our wrongful death attorneys have years of experience helping families who have lost loved ones in Los Angeles county and the surrounding counties. We offer a free case consultation–we can talk about what happened to your loved one, answer your wrongful death questions, and discuss your options. Call us today at 866-465-8792.

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