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Woman Killed in 405 Freeway Motorcycle Accident

A woman was killed early this morning in a Los Angeles 405 Freeway motorcycle accident. The Los Angeles motorcycle accident occurred in the Sepulveda Pass. It is unclear at this time what caused the motorcycle crash, but the Los Angeles Times is reporting that the motorcycle and another car collided on the freeway and the female motorcyclist was killed. The woman who was killed in the crash, Fallon Naccarato, is from Newbury Park, California.

Due to this motorcycle accident fatality, the investigating officers closed all five lanes of the 405 Freeway, near the Getty Center. However, by nine o’clock in the morning, all lanes were open for traffic. Any witnesses to this motorcycle accident in Los Angeles should contact the California Highway Patrol and provide any information they may have.

Authorities will have to investigate whether the motorcycle or the vehicle caused this crash. Often, we see that the motorcycle rider is blamed, even when the driver of the car is actually at fault for the crash. This is often due to misconceptions about motorcycle riders, including that they speed, weave between lanes and drive recklessly.

The family of the deceased woman should immediately contact a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer to ensure that the case is fully investigated and if it turns out that the driver of the car was at fault, the wrongful death lawyer will seek all appropriate motorcycle accident wrongful death damages. The heirs should make sure that they hire an attorney who is not afraid to litigate difficult claims against big insurance companies. The insurance companies have endless budgets to fight these claims and will often wrongfully deny legitimate claims. The insurance companies will often put up as many roadblocks as possible, to beat a claimant into submission. Our experienced Los Angeles injury lawyers fight insurance companies every day to obtain the best results possible for our injured clients. We wish our sincerest condolences to the family of Fallon Naccarato.

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