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What Are the Effects of Monsanto Roundup on Human Health and Residuals Found in Foods?

What Are the Effects of Roundup on Human Health and Residuals Found in Foods?

Monsanto Roundup is a chemical weed product that is used globally to reduce weeds in crops. But when Roundup is used near crops, it can also penetrate into the foods that we eat. In those cases, the dangerous chemical of glyphosate can be found in foods, and that can cause cancers in humans. The longer term risks to ingesting glyphosates will risk cancers for people who have this chemical to seep into the foods that we all eat. That means that fruits and vegetables that are sold in produce sections of the local grocery store, can be laced with glyphosates and cause cancers over the long term in human consumers.

Pesticides if safely used can help prolong shelf life for foods and food sources for our nation. But there is a high price to pay for the use of chemical herbicides such as Roundup. Roundup is used in herbicide control both before and after the planning of crops, including rices, wheats and beans. This can help the farmers to harvest easier, with a reduced level of weeds around the crops as they grow. When there re too many weeds, it can prevent a crop from developing its full potential, and the weeds will take the light, nutrients and space around the free growing crop, reducing crop yields and lowering the price for the farmers when they harvest their crops for the markets.

Glyphosate Can Be Leached into Plant Surfaces Penetrating Our Nation’s Food Resources

The glyphosate in Roundup can bind to food resources, and stay in the fruits and vegetables grown in our farmland soil. Glyphosate is used to the advantage of farmers to help produce high yield crops on a consistent basis. It also helps to reduce weeds, and glyphosate is considered by farmers especially with food resources that are glyphosate-resistant crops. The leaf uptake of a plant varies as to how much glyphosate the plant will retain in its structure. Therefore, there may be trace amounts of foods with glyphosate exposures, wherever Roundup is used to reduce weeds in that growing area or field.

Glyphosate Can Contaminate Water Resources and Water Supplies

If glyphosate from Monsanto Roundup gets into water supplies, it can cause havoc on the human body and internal systems of humans. For example, if you drink 5-25 mL of glyphosate in your water resource, it can cause anything from temporary gastrointestinal distress, to something more serious if you are exposed to 85-200 mL of glyphosate, resulting in possible:

  • Heart damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Liver damage

If you are exposed to glyphosate in your water or foods and it has resulted in cancers for your body, you can call us at the Law Offices of Gary K. Walch, and you can call us at 866-INJURY2 or 866-465-8792 to discuss your case. We are a team of winning Los Angeles Roundup Lawyers dedicated to getting you results!



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