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West Los Angeles Car Accident Kills Pedestrian, Severely Injures Motorist

A multi-vehicle collision in Los Angeles on Sunday killed a pedestrian and critically injured the driver who apparently caused the collision. The Los Angeles car accident, which happened on Federal Avenue, near Santa Monica Boulevard, was apparently caused when a vehicle went out of control and hit a pedestrian who was standing on the corner at the intersection.

The pedestrian, a man in his 40s, was killed as a result of this impact. The car continued out of control and hit a vehicle stopped at a gas station. That vehicle had two occupants, who were apparently not injured by this collision. However, oftentimes police may not note an injury in their report, but occupants of a vehicle will often feel the effects of their injuries after a day or two.

The driver of the vehicle who allegedly caused this car accident in Los Angeles was critically injured in this series of collisions. Although it is unclear why the vehicle lost control, the driver, if he recovers, will likely face a wrongful death suit against him, from the family of the pedestrian who was killed. If the driver does not recover, and dies as a result of his injuries, his insurance coverage and, potentially, his estate, could be used to pay for the damages he has allegedly caused.

Because of the complicity involved with proving the extensive damages in a Los Angeles wrongful death case, the family of the pedestrian who was killed will likely need a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who can guide them through the process and obtain financial compensation for the loss.

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