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Upgrades Planned to Increase Train Safety and Prevent Glendale Train Accidents

Glendale officials unveiled plans to increase safety at two railroad crossings in an effort to prevent a Glendale train accident and also to make way for the corridors to be quieter. The project, which will cost almost ten million dollars, will include improving traffic lights, widening roads and better lighting to increase safety and eventually achieve “quiet zone” status.

According to the Glendale News Press, residents in the area have complained about the horns from the trains that are required to sound when approaching the crossings. If the crossings become safe enough to be labeled quiet zones, the trains will not have to blare the horns in those areas.

Some safety measures for quiet zone status include having vehicle gates that are impassible or taking away the ability to cross completely. Glendale officials also plan to try to reach the quiet zone status at other crossings as well.

Our Glendale train accident lawyers respect the efforts being taken by Glendale city officials to try to decrease the likelihood of a train accident in Glendale. Unfortunately, many cities do not take the necessary safety measures to protect the public, including pedestrians, occupants of other vehicles and train passengers from train accidents.

Our injury lawyers strive to help those that are injured or the families of those who are killed in any California train accident. Anyone injured or the families of those who are killed should call our train accident lawyers right away for a free consultation.

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