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Two Hospitalized After Gas Tanker Explosion in South Los Angeles

A large, 9,000 gallon gasoline tanker exploded in South Los Angeles. According to ABC 7 News, the tank was parked on the side of the street on Slauson Avenue. Several neighbors reported smelling gas and called the fire department before the explosion occurred.

The first fire fighters arrived on the scene just prior to the explosion. Apparently, the tank had been leaking and something ignited the leaked gas—the enormous explosion caused the tank to erupt in flames, catching two homes on fire and resulting in burn injuries to two people nearby. Those injured were immediately taken to the hospital with at least one in serious condition from her burns.

Some of the leaked gas got into the sewer system and the buildup caused a second explosion down the street, sending a manhole covering blasting into the air. The fire from the explosion filled the Los Angeles sky with a dark cloud. Ultimately, 80 firefighters responded to the scene to get the blaze contained and put out.

This incident is currently under investigation to determine exactly what happened. However, when an accident like this occurs and people are injured, the company that owned the tanker will likely be responsible to those injured in the incident.

When a burn injury is caused by the negligence of another, such as an explosion caused by a careless or reckless corporation, the injured victim will need an experienced California personal injury lawyer who can help with the investigation of the cause of the injury, help the injured person get the medical care the victim needs, and fight to obtain the financial recovery the injured victim deserves.

Fires and explosions typically cause very serious injuries. Victims injured by an explosion could face major burns, severe scarring, and other lifelong complications. As a result, many explosion victims facing burn injuries must undergo extensive medical procedures and corrective surgeries, and then will have a lengthy road toward rehabilitation. This can interfere with their ability to work and enjoy life. Additionally, the treatments the victim requires to return to good health are often very expensive. Financial recovery received through a personal injury claim against the party responsible for the explosion or fire that caused the burn injuries can help the victim cover the costs of their medical bills, lost wages, and they can even be compensated for their pain and suffering.

The Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Walch Law help people involved in all types of accidents in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, including explosion and burn and fire injuries. These types of injuries can be particularly serious and require a proper investigation to demonstrate the facts. Burn injury victims need an experienced burn injury lawyer to help them get the care and recovery they deserve. Our personal injury law office offers a free consultation to anyone who suffers burn, fire, or other explosion related injuries. So if you or someone you love has been injured in this type of accident, call us today at 866-465-8792 to schedule your visit.

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