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Tragic Orange County Car Accident Kills Pedestrian Helping a Dog

According to the Orange County Sherriff’s Department, a very sad car accident occurred in Laguna Niguel, wherein a woman jogger, who was helping a dog who had ran onto the street, was killed after two cars collided and one of the cars struck her.

The woman, who rescued the dog from the street, was kneeling next to the dog on the street corner, possibly checking its tags, when she was hit by the car. The two car collision was apparently unrelated to the dog, but resulted in one of the cars running onto the sidewalk, striking the woman, who died at the scene of the accident. The dog apparently left the scene before rescuers arrived, and has not been located.

It is unclear at this time which vehicle caused the Orange County car accident. The occupants of the vehicles suffered injuries including a broken collarbone as well as bumps and bruises. The family of the woman, who was an innocent bystander, may make an Orange County wrongful death claim against the driver and/or owner of the car that caused the collision. If it remains unclear which car caused the initial collision, the family should make the claim against both vehicles.

Once investigation is finished, the attorneys, insurance companies or eventually the courts will have to decide who is responsible for the wrongful death damages. The family of the victim, as well as occupants of the vehicles, should contact an Orange County personal injury attorney who handles accident and wrongful death claims in Orange County, so that proper investigation can be conducted and the full amount of damages recovered.

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