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Tiger Woods Sued by Fan Claiming He was Injured by Caddie

Tiger Woods Sued by Fan Claiming He was Injured by Caddie

Tiger Woods Sued by Fan Claiming He was Injured by Caddie

Recently, NBC Golf Channel reported that Tiger Woods is currently being sued by one of his fans. The fan, Brian Borruso, claimed that back in 2018 at the Valspar Championship, he was pushed by Tiger Woods’ caddie, Joe LaCava, causing him to fall into the crowd and injure himself.

Borruso claimed that he was attempting to take a selfie at the 13th green as Woods came up to complete his shot. According to Borruso, LaCava came up and told him to get out of the way and then “intentionally shoved” him. As a result of the push, Borruso fell and suffered “permanent or continuing injuries.” Borruso has filed a personal injury claim against LaCava the caddie, as well as Tiger Woods, because he is LaCava’s employer.

When you suffer injuries due to the fault of another person, you are entitled to be compensated for those injuries. You can get this compensation by bringing a personal injury claim against the person or party responsible for those injuries. You can get financial compensation for:

  • The costs of your medical expenses–this can include costs for hospital stays,doctor’s visits, and even physical therapy expenses.
  • Missed wages or lost earning capacity–if you miss work because of your injuries or can no longer work as a result of your injuries, you can be compensated.
  • Pain and suffering and emotional suffering–you can receive compensation for your pain and suffering and for any costs associated with emotional care required after your injuries.
  • Other losses permitted under California law

Determining who is liable to give you this compensation depends on who caused your injuries. In a personal injury claim, you must show that another person caused you harm and that harm resulted in your injuries. In this case, Borruso must provide evidence that LaCava intentionally or negligently caused him harm and that harm is what caused his injuries.

It is also possible for an employer to be held liable to compensate an injured person, if their employee is the one who caused the injuries. Whether or not the fan can hold Tiger Woods liable for his caddie’s actions depends on the state law where the case is filed. In California, an employer can be held vicariously liable for an employee’s negligence, but only under certain circumstances. An employer can be held liable for an employee’s actions when an employee 1) acts within the ordinary scope of their employment and, 2) as a result of that employee’s actions someone is injured. In California, this almost always applies to when the employee did a negligent act, not an intentional act, though there can be exceptions.

Understanding who you need to bring your personal injury claim against, and if an employer may also be liable can be difficult. That is why it is important to have a skilled Southern California personal injury attorney by your side who can help you through the personal injury claim process. The attorneys at Walch Law have handled thousands of personal injury cases–we understand how to make sure the claim is filed against the proper parties, including how to file against an employer if they should also be liable for their employees actions. If you have questions about bringing a Southern California personal injury claim, contact us today at 866-465-8792! We can go over your case, answer your questions, and help you get started on the path toward your compensation today.


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