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The Ventura (101) Freeway Closed Saturday Overnight, October 1, 2022-October 2, 2022, to Demolish Walking Bridge in Encino

All lanes of the Ventura 101 Freeway located in Encino will close for approximately 12 hours, from about 10pm Saturday evening to about 10am Sunday morning from White Oak Avenue to Balboa Boulevard, according to the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

This one-mile stretch of the Ventura 101 Freeway crossing Encino will close for approximately 12 hours while construction crews demolish a pedestrian overpass that is considered too close or low to the Ventura Freeway.

In fact, one reason for this bridge demolition is to prevent taller vehicles from hitting this overpass, which reportedly has occurred in recent years.  That obviously creates an unreasonable risk of harm and an unsafe and dangerous condition, exposing those government entities involved to exposure for huge monetary claims and lawsuits, including for personal injuries, wrongful death and property damage, both physical property damage and diminished value.

Caltrans reported that these six (6) ramps will be closed during this demolition project:

  • Reseda Boulevard on-ramp to southbound 101
  • White Oak Avenue on-ramp to southbound 101
  • Balboa Boulevard on-ramp to northbound 101
  • On-ramp from Haskell Avenue to northbound 101
  • Connector from southbound 405 Freeway to northbound U.S. 101
  • Connector from northbound 405 Freeway to northbound U.S. 101

Often highways have some lanes closed during evening repair work, but not all.  Sometimes one side of a highway is even closed entirely, all lanes closed, but in one direction only.  But Saturday night all lanes in both directions will be closed so get ready to take alternate routes to bypass this short closed area, including alternatives that run parallel to the 101 Freeway, such as Ventura Boulevard, Burbank Boulevard and Victory Boulevard.

Initially Caltrans planned to reconstruct a new pedestrian walkway over the 101 Freeway to replace the demolished bridge but after a long review that included input from nearby residents, many of whom said they did NOT want a new pedestrian bridge built there, Caltrans decided against any reconstruction at that location.

Many residents who participated in this review expressed a preference to improve walking improvements along Louise Avenue, which also crosses over the 101 Freeway approximately a quarter-mile east of nearby Encino Avenue.

It was reported that this demolition project will cost $6.1 million.  And not reconstructing another pedestrian overpass, albeit higher than the current overpass to prevent taller vehicles from hitting it, will save over ten million dollars.

Should have any further questions about this 101 Freeway closure, please contact CalTrans.

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