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San Diego Taxi Accident Injures 35

35 people in San Diego, California were injured this weekend in a serious auto v. pedestrian accident when a taxi cab went out of control and into a crowd of people outside the popular Stingaree nightclub in the Gaslamp District of the city.

The San Diego accident happened at approximately 2:00 a.m., which is right around the time when the club closes and there is a mass exodus of people leaving the club, as witnessed by one of our attorneys on a prior visit to the nightclub.

According to San Diego police, the taxi cab driver was pulled out of the car after the accident and attacked by an angry crowd, resulting in only a broken nose. It is unclear at this time whether the taxi driver had blacked out or fallen asleep prior to the car accident.

Initial reports said that of the 35 people who suffered injuries in the San Diego taxi accident, six were in critical condition. It has since emerged that 23 people were taken to the hospital and none of the injuries were considered life threatening. The injuries reportedly included a woman with a severed limb, as well as others with broken limbs, bruises and scrapes.

There are many legal ramifications for an auto versus pedestrian accident such as this. One important legal factor will be the driving and medical histories of this taxi driver. If the driver has been involved in other accidents or has a history of blackouts or other such occurrences, the taxi company may be subject to a punitive damages claim for placing the public in danger by employing this person. The taxi company should also be held responsible for the injuries caused by its employee while on the job. Because there may be 35 or more people making a claim against the taxi company, the financial ramifications may end up being quite severe.

Injured victims should contact a California personal injury lawyer right away so a claim can be made with the insurance company for the taxi company, their rights can be protected and they can get the financial compensation they deserve for their damages.

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