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Road Rage Causes Downtown Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Wrongful Death

A Los Angeles bicycle accident, where a bicycle was hit by a car, causing the wrongful death of the cyclist, has been blamed on a road rage incident between two cars, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. The victim of the bicycle accident in Los Angeles was a 62 year old man who was hit by a Chevrolet Avalanche in downtown Los Angeles.

According to reports in the Los Angeles Times, the driver of the Avalanche and a driver of a Kia were involved in a road range incident. When the driver of the Avalanche apparently tried to pass the Kia, his vehicle hit the bicyclist, causing this downtown Los Angeles bike accident.

The driver of the Avalanche, a 37 year old man, was arrested, but has apparently been released, pending the possibility of future criminal charges for the Los Angeles bike crash wrongful death. There is no word yet on whether the driver of the Kia will face any criminal charges.

While exact details of how this bike accident in Los Angeles occurred are still sketchy, eye witness reports as well as the testimony of both drivers will be used by investigators to establish the exact cause of the bike crash. A Los Angeles wrongful death attorney may be hired by the family of the victim to pursue wrongful death damages against one or both of the drivers of the vehicles involved. Even if the driver of the Kia did not hit the bicyclist, there may still be civil liability if the actions of the Kia contributed to causing the death of the bicycle rider.

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