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Person Killed By Amtrak Train in Los Angeles

An Amtrak train accident in Los Angeles occurred this morning when a person was struck by the train at about 6:20 am. The train was traveling from Los Angeles to San Diego when it hit the person. The train accident occurred at Santa Fe Avenue and 8th Street near Union Station in Los Angeles, California.

At the time of the Los Angeles train accident, there were 30 people on board the train, including passengers and crew, none of which were hurt. There are reports that the person killed was possibly a transient, but that has not been confirmed.

The reason the person was on the tracks is currently unknown. Sometimes people attempt suicide by standing on the tracks, other times there is some type of mistake or negligence that leads to a person being hit by a train.

California train accident injuries and deaths occur frequently and the legal ramifications depend on the reason for the incident. If the train operator or designer was negligent, causing the injuries, victims will be able to make a personal injury claim or their families may make a wrongful death claim against the train company, which can include Amtrak, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), or other entities.

Because of specific rules that these types of claims may involve, including when a governmental agency is involved, it is advised that anyone injured by a train in California, or the family of anyone who suffers catastrophic injury or death, call our office right away for a free consultation. We have been handling California personal injury cases for over 30 years.

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