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Officials Aim to Reduce Glendale Car Accidents by Placing Traffic Signs in English, Spanish and Armenian

City officials are trying a new measure to help reduce pedestrian and car accidents in Glendale, they are putting signs in English, Spanish and Armenian. One such sign, which says “LOOK” in all three languages, will be placed at numerous intersections, a warning to pedestrians to look for oncoming traffic before crossing the street.

According to the Glendale Police Department, there were 2,300 Glendale car accidents last year. Of those collisions, there were 660 that resulted in injuries. There were also six fatal Glendale accidents last year. Of the 2,300 car accidents, 64 involved pedestrians.

Glendale Mayor, Ara Najarian, said that the city has reached its limit of such accidents. Najarian said that traffic safety needs to be one of the communities top priorities because “we are losing children, elderly and disabled people, and babies in baby carriages are getting hit, and drivers who are the ones who failed to yield are having their lives ruined.”

This street sign campaign to reduce Glendale pedestrian accidents has also reportedly been used in both England and Ireland.

If this strategy works in Glendale, it will be interesting to see if any other cities follow suit, and what other languages will be used in different cities. It remains to be seen if cities will have a duty to place signs in other languages, in locations where there are large amounts of people who do not speak English or Spanish.

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