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New Details Emerge in Nevada Amtrak Train Crash

It has emerged that the truck driver who allegedly caused the Nevada Amtrak train crash has been cited multiple times in various states. These citations were for violations including a 2007 truck accident wherein he rear ended a Toyota on the freeway, causing injuries to a family, and tickets for speeding and driving with a cell phone in his hand.

There was also an Amtrak train crash lawsuit filed this week by an Amtrak train attendant, against Lawrence Valli, the truck driver, and John Davis Trucking, the presumed owner of the vehicle and the company that employed Valli.

The personal injury attorney for the train attendant claims that Valli was negligent and careless in failing to follow the road signs, causing this truck-train crash and the resultant injuries and damages to his client. The attorney also claims that after reviewing Valli’s record and the record of the trucking company, that Valli should not have been driving this truck at the time of the Amtrak train accident.

In the case of the people who tragically passed away in this train accident, the families (or the heirs) of the deceased passengers should make a wrongful death claim against the truck company and driver. Injured passengers, including those that suffered burn injuries, and the families/heirs of those deceased should immediately contact an Amtrak train crash lawyer who can help them recover for their damages. Our Amtrak train accident lawyers are available for a free consultation, toll free at 1-866-INJURY-2 [1-866-465-8792].

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