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Man Killed in Calabasas Bicycle Accident

A bicycle accident in Calabasas resulted in the death of a male bicyclist, who is believed to be about 45 years old. The Calabasas bicycle accident occurred this morning, at about 9:20am, in the Santa Monica Mountains. According to the Los Angeles Times, the bicyclist apparently veered off of the road and ended up falling down a ravine.

The cause of this Calabasas bicycle accident wrongful death is still under investigation by the California Highway Patrol. At this point, it is too early to determine why this bicycle accident death occurred. Authorities will investigate whether the bike accident was caused by the negligence of the bicyclist, or if the negligence of a vehicle possibly caused the bicyclist to veer off the road and down the ravine.

In order to determine the cause of this California bicycle accident, it will be necessary to look for any witnesses who may have seen the bicyclist prior to the incident, or if they saw any speeding or recklessly driven vehicles at around the time of the bike crash. Investigators will also look for skid marks or any other indication of a vehicle contributing to the cause of this wrongful death accident.

If the victim’s heirs believe that the bike accident was not the victim’s fault, and another vehicle might have caused the accident, they should contact a Calabasas bicycle accident lawyer right away. The Calabasas injury lawyer will investigate to find out if there are any sources of recovery, such as finding the vehicle that was responsible for the accident, or through an uninsured motorist insurance coverage, if available. Sometimes, there may be a road hazard that contributes to causing a bicycle accident such as this, in which case a government claim, which has different rules and different legal procedures and time deadlines, might be necessary.

Our Calabasas personal injury lawyers are available for a free consultation with the victim, family members, or friends of anyone involved in a Calabasas bike accident or any other accident in Calabasas or throughout California.

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